Rejoice not sharing only the literal meanings

In an on-going discussion on Dasam Granth, GURMUKH SINGH rebuts the issues raised by Dr Karminder Singh.

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Fair query indeed. And I would invite any others who are similarly confused, in doubt or perhaps exasperated in deciphering the massage enveloped in any Charitar to pose their queries as Dr Karminder Singh has eloquently and graphically done. This is all part of the learning process.

As a rule of thumb whence reading a particular Chariter containing graphic descriptions of a given story, know in your minds that the primary injunction is one of abstinence therefrom. Guard against ending up in those situations. Indeed “Charitr – Opakhyan” means stories which have been told prior hereto. Dr Karminder infact validated my comment (which was a responsive post here on Sikhi Leher Malaysia and which the editors of Asia Samachar deemed fit to reproduce in the said publication).

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Firstly, I had commented that Kaam Vashna is exposed in every permutation imaginable. The Chariter which Dr Karminder deemed fit to zoom in on, involves sexual relations with an animal. Known today as Bestiality or Zoophilia. It is perhaps not as common a facet of sexuality. Hence only a solitary Chariter on this. Be weary of even these brazzen facets of sexuality. Like it or not, this is a prevalent (and sick) type of sexuality of today.

There are really no stones left unturned. Every permutation is dealt with. You express shock and revulsion. Understandably so. But you really need to arise from the tongue being thrust into the Mare’s genitalia! Do not gleefully rejoice at sharing only the literal meanings.

Oh yee exponents of Gurbani. How do you interpret: “Pheel Rababi Baldh Pakhawaj Keuwa Taal Bejaway. Peher Cholna Gedha Nachay Bhaisa Bhagat Keravay“. Would you say that the meaning cannot be any other than …the Elephant plays the Rebab, the Bull the Pakhawaj, the Crow the ‘Teliaan’. The Donkey dons a long robe (chola) and dances while the ‘Bhainsa’ is engrossed in meditation. You’d need to decipher the message if the same is not immediately apparent.

The other message which is instantly culled by those who understand Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) ji is this. You ARE the animal that you deem a lesser being than you. Your actions are equivalent to those of animals/lesser beings if you are devoid of Naam/Guru’s “Mat”. “Gur-mantar Heenes Jo Prani, Trighent janam Bhreshtneh. Kookereh, Sookereh, Gerdhebeh, Kaakeh, Serpeneh Tul Kheleh”. You ARE the equivalent of a dog, a swine (pig if you like), donkey, crow, snake etc if you are devoid of Gurmantar.

Thirdly, know this o you Learned folk. Kaam Vashna will ENSURE that you falter regardless of your learning and intellect. You will fall in the most unimaginable way as did the ‘Baidh’ in the Chariter. Be weary …all doctors (medical or otherwise), lawyers, lecturers, professors, holy men, self styled saints .. no one will be spared come the time that you are put through the test.

“Hey Kaamang, Nark Bisramang, Boh Joni Bhrmavnay”

On a separate note, Dr Rattan Singh’s non-purposive and purely literal work lacks credibility. He has retracted his works and altered his stand on Dasam Granth. Giani Narain Singh’s work is definitely preferred.

The central message conveyed in CP that Dr Karminder has opinionated is that women cannot be trusted? That is touted to be the focal point of Charitropakhyan? Similar to when the message of faithfulness and loyalty to your spouse was sidestepped completely and twisted with a view to zooming in on “the bed” of another woman?

If you remain obstinate and refuse to budge from literal interpretations, your bones may well break. But reading CP against the knowlegde of Gurbani that you already possess in abundance, you would be able to Bend it like Beckham! Your exasperation will vanish. You will begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.

“Futo Anda Bharam Ka, Maneh Bheya Pargaas”.


Gurmukh2Gurmukh Singh is a lawyer and an accomplished kirtani based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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