Piara Singh Khinde (1941-2016), Government Printers


Saskaar: 1pm, 2/8/16 (Tues) at Loke Yew Crematorium, KL| Malaysia

Piara Singh Khinde (1941-2016), Government Printers
Piara Singh Khinde (1941-2016), Government Printers

Piara Singh Khinde s/o Late Mela Singh

(Retired Government Printers)

Village: Nasirpur, District: Jallandar

Date of birth: 10 June 1941

Deceased: 1 Aug 2016

Wife: Harbhajan Kaur @ Jit Kaur


Sheela Kaur / Resham Singh

Daljit Kaur / Dr Sukhdave Singh

Prem Kaur / Sukhwinder Singh

Updesh Singh / Reshvin Kaur

Sukhsheel Kaur, Jagveeran Singh, Dilpreet Kaur, Reshminder Kaur, Rajveer Singh, Asha Preet Kaur, Roshanveer Singh, Diyasundri Kaur, Priyasha Kaur, Rishidesh Singh, Ronitdesh Singh

Cortege timing: Cortege leaves their residence at No 20, Jalan Udang Geragau, Taman Megah, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur at 1pm on 2 Aug 2016 (Tues)

Saskar/Cremation: 1pm, 2/8/16 (Tues) at Loke Yew Crematorium, KL

Path Da Blog: 14/8/16 (Sun), 9am-11.30am at Gurdwara Sahib Sentul, KL

Contact: Updesh Singh 012.3801713, Swaran Singh 012.6651556, Kuldeep Singh 012.3145337


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  1. Condolences to the family on their loss. May WAHE GURU JI KEEP HIS SOUL AND GIVE THE FAMILY THE COURAGE TO ACCEPT THE LOSS.

    Just for information it is hoped that the family will claim the RM3,000.00 grant from JPA for funeral expenses.
    In case he is a member of any Co-Operative or Pensioners Association then the family may also be eligible to claim some such financial benefits. If he had worked in other companies he may also have some balance in EPF-SOCSO.

    I realize that this is not the time to talk of money but then life must go on and life needs money. Apologies if this may sound insensitive but I have seen many families lose due to ignorance of entitlements. Above information should be shared by all.