Parking at gurdwaras: As long as I’m OK, the rest can go to hell

Sad to say that the blocking cars are some time luxury cars indicating that may belong to rich and/or professionals and some even have badges indicating the owners are titled or members of exclusive clubs.

| Letter to Editor | 2 Sept 2016 | Asia Samachar |


Dear Editor,

This appeal is being forwarded via your website to all Sikh Sanggat who own cars and park them without any consideration to other car owners when they park in a manner which blocks the other car from leaving if they need to leave earlier.

Sadly such inconsiderate car owners do not leave any phone contact numbers on the cars so that they can be contacted in case of need to leave by the owner of the blocked cars. Announcements and messages to the Sanggat in the Darbar Sahib can be a distraction to the Kirtan and most of the time do not produce the desired result as the owner of the blocking car may either not be in Darbar Sahib or may be in the Langgar hall or compound or gone elsewhere.

Sad to say that the blocking cars are some time luxury cars indicating that may belong to rich and/or professionals and some even have badges indicating the owners are titled or members of exclusive clubs. Further many may also be highly literate [not educated as education denotes consideration] indicating arrogance. The attitude appears to be mai theek hovan baki khan khasma noo [I should be alright, the rest can go to hell].

I have observed this in several Gurdwaras such as Titiwangsa, Petaling Jaya, Tatt Khalsa, Sentul, Old Pudu Road, to name a few in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, but the situation may not be much different where parking lots are limited. Some come late and park just anywhere while some come early but park in spaces which may obstruct others and some even park in spaces marked for use by OKUs (the disabled) and elderly.

My appeal to all is if they have to obstruct another car then they should leave a card with their hand phone number or any other contact method and display on the dashboard. Hope those involved would be considerate.

The gurdwara management committees (GMCs) should also have a notice on their notice boards to this effect. Malaysian Gurdwara Council (MGC) can also play its part and educate sanggat.

I am aware and realize that Malaysians in general practice the culture of mai theek hovan baki khan khasma noo. This arrogant attitude can be seen in most places such as Bangsar, OUG, Chow Kit, Brickfields and Golden Triangle. This is allowed to continue due to lack of effective enforcement by relevant authorities [police, JPJ, local authorities] who may close both eyes even when they observe hazardously parked vehicles near their beat bases or while they may be cruising the roads in their shining vehicles or powerful motorcycles. When asked the lack of action the response I received was ‘laporan belum diterima’ (haven’t receive the reports).

Of course some of the enforcement personnel are very efficient when out to issue compound notices or during the regularly safety campaigns when thousands of compound notices are issued with warnings of maximum penalties but then the delinquents are rewarded with discounts. It has been reported in the media that there are millions of unpaid compounds issued by the three main Enforcement Authorities resulting in losses of revenue totalling billions of RM but still there appears to be any improvement as the offences are repeated again where it is discovered that some of the delinquents have tens of outstanding compound notices for various offences.

Just for information the situation was little different in Gurdwaras in Singapore but there were no such cased on the public roads or other areas under jurisdiction of authorities or in private car parks where enforcement was immediate and penalties deterrent.

– Gursharan Singh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

[Gursharan Singh, C.M.I.I.A., a retired audit officer from the Malaysian civil service, is also a trainer]


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  1. Little appears to have changed as the lack of consideration for others still continues.
    This was observed il PJGS last month on two Sundays and one person mentioned this morning that the same thing happened yesterday in Titiwangsa GS.
    Not aware of the status in other Gurdwaras as I seldom go their. May be others cab give relate their observations.
    Gur Fateh.