Port Dickson to start Punjabi education centre, 50th PEC under KDM wings

| Port Dickson, Malaysia | 14 Feb 2017 | Asia Samachar |
NEW CHAPTER: KDM opens a PEC in Port Dickson, its 50th centre nationwide – PHOTO / SUPPLIED

Plans are underway to start a Punjabi Education Centre (PEC) for Port Dickson.

The management teams of Khalsa Diwan Malaysia (KDM) and Gurdwara Sahib Port Dickson (GSPD) had met on 11 February to pave the way for the setting up of the centre for Punjabi language teaching and learning.

This would be the 50th PEC under Punjabi Education Trust Malaysia (PETM), the education arm of KDM.

“We are always ready to help wherever there is a demand and need for a centre for the promotion of Punjabi Language in Malaysia,” said KDM president Santokh Singh.

The others present at the discussion were PETM chairman Gurnam Singh Dhillon,  KDM treasurer Sarjit Singh and KDM VP Diljit Singh. Among others, they discussed the administrative and  financial aspects and rules and regulations on managing and running the centre.

GSPD secretary Ravinder Singh said the Sanggat looked forward to the teaching and learning of the mother tongue in Port Dickson.

In January, Asia Samchar reported that some 3,000 students were expected to attend the 47 PECs nationwide.

In a statement then, Santokh said about 250 teachers had their meetings at their respective PECs in early January and were all geared to serve the Quam in the field.


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Santokh S Randhawa