Thai Sikhs urged to save Sikh school – Letter

| Bangkok, Thailand | 18 March 2015 | Asia Samachar |
Thai Sikh International School – PHOTO FROM WEBSITE


[This letter, originally entitled ‘Indian community must rally to save Sikh school’ was published at The Nation website on 18 March 2017]


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  1. Sikh are fighting among them selves on issues like which banis to recite and which not. Just pointing fingers at each other and finding faults.
    But very few are looking at the welfare and the Sikh child’s educational aspect.
    You can’t run a non profit organization without the help and contributions from the public. On the other hand how long can the person go arround and ask for donations.
    You need committed contributors not only in cash but also in other aspects.
    Very sad .

  2. It would be a great lost to our Sikh Panth. We should persuade Mr. Jaspal Singh to change his mind. I can still remember he brought me to visit the school in 2010 when si was on a fund raising mission to Thailand. He is very close to Bhajan Singh of Singapore. Great school which started in 1984 after ThaiSikhs stop sending their kids Museri Guru Nanak Centenial school near Dehradun. We must start a petition to request to the Thai Sikhs. Gurfateh ji.