Singaporean Gavin sets new swimming record

The budding swimmer took gold in 50 metres butterfly / 50 metres freestyle at 58th School Nationals with a record time of 1min 6.49 secs


| Singapore | 29 May 2017 | Asia Samachar |

Gavin: Sets new record for 50 metres butterfly / 50 metres freestyle at the 58th School Nationals – PHOTO / SUPPLIED

Meet Gavin from Singapore. He could just be the next Michael Phelps, the swimming sensation who won 23 Olympic gold medals.

Gavin Pal Singh Randhawa is a 12-year old wonder kid from Singapore who took swimming to a new level, at least for Sikhs.

Last month (24 April 2017), he won gold in the 50 metres butterfly / 50 metres freestyle at the 58th School Nationals with a record time of 1min 6.49 secs.

“He is ranked top six in his age group in many events now. I must say he did St Andrews Junior School proud with his performance both individually and in his relay team,” his dad Kuldip Singh wrote in a Facebook posting.

But he was not always the natural swimmer. His dad, a pilot, had other plans for him. He wanted Gavin to play rugby.

“In primary 3, some three years back, when he just completed his basic swimming skills, he told me. ‘Daddy, I want to go into competitive swimming, training some six times a week.

“I was worried, as how would he complete his homework, how is he going to continue academically. He was way behind everyone in competitive swimming at that stage. He was a chubby kid then.”

In his first meet, he came up last. But it did not at all dent his spirit. “I am slow now but I will work hard prove myself,” he said after the race. Gavin trained hard and slowly progressed through many competitions.

And now he not only won the gold medal, but broken the record for the event. When asked what is next, he told Asia Samachar: “I want to carry on swimming competitively.”

With this meet out of the way, his dad noted: “Well done Gavin. Time to study for PSLE now! Thank you coaches Sunny and Li Fei.”

PSLE, short for Primary School Leaving Examination, is normally taken by 12 year old students in Singapore. He is studying at St Andrews Junior School.

PROUD MOMENT: Budding young swimmer Gavin and his mum – PHOTO / SUPPLIED


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