Malaysian Sikh dairy farmer now major supplier to Dutch Lady Purefarm

Harban Singh has come a long way from selling milk door-to-door. Today, he is a major supplier for Dutch Lady Purefarm. On average, his farm produces 450 litres of milk per day

| Malaysia | 30 May 2017 | Asia Samachar |
HARBANS SINGH: Captured in SNSM’s Simply Amazing Malaysian Sikhs series

“Think big, work hard, and be willing to learn.” – Harban Singh Randhawa

Mention a Sikh of our forefathers’ time, and you’d most likely imagine a tall turbaned man in a police uniform, or someone who is busy herding cows in a grassy field. Undoubtedly, these two professions are synonymous with the Sikhs who came to Malaya. Historically, the limelight has always been on our courageous men in uniform. But let’s not forget the hard work and contribution of our dairy farmers, or the “Gaiyan Wale”, as they are fondly known.

Harban Singh Randhawa is one such man, whose journey is sure to break your stigma about dairy farming. Brought up in the quiet town of Bidor, he had initially enrolled himself in the Royal Malaysian Air Force. However, he had a dream of expanding his father’s dairy farm. Eventually, he left the armed forces to pursue this dream. Mind you, he was an above average student in school who also excelled in sports.

In 1980, he had a vision and wanted to prove that dairy farming was a lucrative industry. He realised there was a huge demand for milk both locally and internationally. He decided to take advantage of this. He invested in quality animals and even imported cows from overseas.

After much toiling, his big break finally arrived. The government established a dairy colony in Bidor, where he received five acres of land and fifteen cows. To further expand his business, he got more cows, bought milking machines, hired more workers and set up a barn.

Like any success story, nothing comes without hard work and patience. A man of perseverance, Harban Singh has come a long way from selling milk door-to-door. Believe it or not, he is now a major supplier for Dutch Lady Purefarm. On average, his farm produces 450 litres of milk per day! The extraordinary quality and standards practised in his farm has garnered a lot of attention, namely from the Dutch Agricultural Minister, Dutch Ambassador, and the General Manager of Dutch Lady Purefarm. In fact, researchers from Japan have also made numerous visits to his humble farm.

Undeniably, there is so much that we can learn from this successful man. If we put our mind to it, anything is possible. As Guruji says, “Man Jeethai Jag Jeeth”. So the next time you are drinking your hot sweet cha in the Gurdwara, remember you have our lovely “doodh wale” to thank!


Source: Adapted from the SIMPLY INCREDIBLE MALAYSIAN SIKHS series at at SNSM – Sikh Youth Malaysia Facebook page. SNSM is short for Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia.


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  1. Glad to be distantly related to this very industrious Sikh.Known and visited his farm in its growing years.Keep it up Harbans.