Hound terrorism perpetrators before it occurs, KL police chief tells London conference

| London, UK | 22 June 2017 | Asia Samachar |
Kuala Lumpur police chief Amar Singh speaking at international security conference in London – PHOTO / M GANDHI

The security authorities and the people ‘should not live in fear’ of terrorism, Kuala Lumpur police chief Amar Singh told in international security conference in London on Tuesday, just weeks after the Manchester Are[td_smart_list_end]na bombing and the London Bridge attack.

“As a police officer, I believe that we should not live in fear but be aggressive in going after the potential perpetrators of terrorism, before it occurs,” Amar was quoted in a social media report originating from the organising team.

Commissioner Amar, the top ranking Sikh police officer in Malaysia, spoke at the three-day International Fire and Security Conference & Exhibition (IFSEC Global) which ended today.

He added that the Royal Malaysian Police monitors social media and employs intelligence to identify potential threats and uses the various laws to arrest the suspects thus thwarting terrorist attacks.

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Amar spoke in a panel session entitled ‘City resilience and combatting the evolving terrorist threat’. The other panelists were G4S Risk Consulting Ltd MD Charlie Burbridge, Security Partner’s Forum (SPF) Co-Founder / Executive Director Bonnie Butlin, London Fire Brigade Commissioner Dany Cotton and Genetec Country Manager UKIR Paul Dodds.

The panel agreed that it was critical that security forces needs to work in concert with the community to retain our way of life, according to an update by M Gandhi from UBM Asia Ltd.

The discussion highlighted the evolving threat of terrorism from ‘lone wolfs’, making it more challenging. The questions highlighted the disruption and fear that is being created by the recent terrorist attacks in London, he wrote.

A manager of a company that manages catering and building services shared the challenge of retaining staff to work at high profile buildings in London, he added.

The London attack involved a van and knife rampage at London Bridge on June 3 while the terror attack at the Manchester Arena killed 22 people and left 120 injured on May 22.


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