Preying on immigrant students

The Student is a Punjabi short film capturing the trials and tribulations of students from India seeking a new life abroad

| Opinion | 23 June 2017 | Asia Samachar |

What are the trials and tribulations of students from India who seek a new life abroad in countries like Canada? This short file, The Student, captures some of the stuff that they encounter.

The 20-minute short film is no big shake, but makes decent viewing on the day you run out of things to watch. And the English subtitles are great. They make good training for anyone who wants to improve their Punjabi language.

The Student is about how a woman international student in Canada from India faced her struggles and exploitation at various levels.

At one point, she tells a guy: “Tu meey tay line ta ni mardaa?” He was trying to flirt with her!

Th film is produced by Produced by B K Films Canada. BK Singh Rakhra, who has been acting in mainstream Hollywood films and TV serials since 2008, is a Canadian actor who speak fluent English, Punjabi and Hindi. He plays the role of a restaurant owner.


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