People speaking on stages will come and go…


| Opinion | 23 June 2017 Asia Samachar |

Dr Balwant Singh Bains 

Many may call them Great People or call them Mahapurash, Crowd pullers or whatever…The element of being well known itself is a cancer. One just need a small *Master Key* to open our Inner Lock(s). The key is already been given to us in our Gurbani.  The problem is that we are just scared to use it….

JUST  for a moment! Let’s contemplate, Let’s ask ourselves THESE Questions! ..

1. Have we stopped eating and killing animals, fishes and  other sea creatures to cater for our lavish taste buds?

There is no controversy in our faith on this matter but  justifications are in abundance to read and hear to this habit which is so  difficult to let go..

2. Have we surrendered to the Initiation  Ceremony ..The Amrit? again a difficult move to make….. Are we Reborn Sikhs or is Sikhism our birth right? Another question to ponder upon.

Where are we?…

Always listen to these invited speakers on stage very carefully…

The moment these parcharak use the word YOU rather than WE then they are likely to develop the gardevoir sense of feelings as being an elevated soul (by and large a subtle inner voice) and we the audience are  taken as lower or considered non-evolved in their eyes.

This sub-Conscious mind of these speakers are not yet Clear and are not in SEHAJ as yet. They are not ready for a stage to address us, the audience.

SIMPLE – Until we don’t look into small changes within us, then we can go on listening and speaking. It will make no difference till the end of our Lives.

Yes! many may tell “who are we to judge”. Yet, then have we change?

Dato Dr Balwant Singh Bains runs Malaysia’s largest standalone physiotherapist centre and a physiotherapy college. He is a kirtan and Gurbani discourse enthusiast via Satsangi Malaysia


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