Tabla master Surdarsahn solo in Malaysia this Sunday

He will be accompanied to the lehra by Momin Khan, the eight generation in his family to play sarangi.


| Petaling Jaya, Malaysia | 19 Sept 2017 | Asia Samachar |

Tabla master Surdarshan Singh Chana (Sunny)

If you are a fan of tabla and the jori, be prepared to be mesmerised when Surdarshan Singh Chana (Sunny) takes on the stage in Petaling Jaya this Sunday (24 Sept 2017).

The UK-based tabla and jori emerging master will put on display his depth and understanding of the jori percussion instrument at the evening Rhythm of Benares and Punjab function. He will be accompanied to the lehra by Momin Khan, the eight generation in his family to play sarang

Organised by Taal Sadhna, the two-hour event (6pm-8pm) will take place at PJ Live Arts at Jaya One Mall, Petaling Jaya. Tickets are priced at RM110 and RM55.

They are promising the audience an evening of a world class tabla and jri solo by Ustad Surdarshan, as he’s known by his fans and students.

Surdarshan started learning music at the tender age of 4. He started learning Jori-Pakhawaj and tabla from Punjab Grandmaster Ajit Singh Matlashi and then went on to learn from Ustad Gurmeet Singh Virdee.

After receiving a foundation and feel of the Punjab Gharana and its various Pakhawaj styles, he then went on to learn from the legendary Shri Sukhvinder Singh Namdhari for 14 years. He vigorously learned and practiced the fierce Benares Gharana style of tabla, while keeping his Punjabi Baaj of Jori-Pakhawaj very much alive.

Ustad Momin is another accomlished musician. At a time when music loving audiences are increasingly gravitating towards Western oriented forms of music such as rap, Momin, at the tender age of 15, is more engrossed in conserving his family’s legacy by playing the ‘sarangi’ and keeping the traditional spirit of classical music alive.

He belongs to the “Jaipur gharana”, a family of noted musicians. His late grandfather, Ustad Mehboob Khan, was a well-known sarangi player and recipient of the coveted Indian award of Padma Vibhushan award.

Momin’s father Ustad Moinuddin Khan is the first sarangi player in India to be award with the Padma Shri award.

Momin is trying to keep the classical music alive with a fusion of classical and western music. He plays all kinds of music on sarangi, be it classical, western or movie songs.



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