Musical extravaganza Sanmaarga to raise funds for Brickfields dialysis, medical centre

Temple of Fine Arts raising funds for proposed RM15m three-storey dialysis and medical centre


| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 1 Oct 2017 | Asia Samachar |

CHARITY AT WORK: Temple of Fine Arts’s proposed three-storey SivaSanta Dialysis and Medical Clinic

The Temple of Fine Arts, a charity and cultural organisation based at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, will unveil the musical extravaganza Sanmaarga to raise funds during this Deepavali season for a proposed RM15 million three-storey dialysis and medical centre.

The musical, to be held on Oct 21 and 22 (Saturday and Sunday), brings together a fusion of the East and West led by eminent musicians Padma Bhushan Sangita Kalanidhi, a Carnatic and Hindustani classical music legend and the innovator of Indian jazz. He will be accompanied by Devie Neithyar, Carola Grey and Biju Paulose.

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SanMaarga intends to reach out to Corporate Malaysia, Malaysian philanthropists and Malaysians from all walks of life, to donate generously this Deepavali towards the proposed development of the SivaSanta Dialysis and Medical Clinic, a charitable project of The Temple of Fine Arts Malaysia serving a core need of the urban poor in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam is scheduled to make a presence at the event on Oct 22.

The target date for the new centre is April 2020 should construction commence by January 2018.

“Given the social and charity focus of the SivaSanta Dialysis and Medical Clinic, The Temple of Fine Arts Malaysia proposes to fund the entire development cost (i.e. construction and equipment cost) of the 3-storey facility, estimated to be RM15 million, from public donations, fund raising programmes, corporate and government grants.

“Since July 2015, the team has commenced efforts in earnest to raise funds towards the construction cost of RM12.0 million, of which to-date, a total of RM3.7 million has been pledged by donors and well-wishers. There remains approximately RM8.3 million that needs to be raised with respect to the construction cost of the project,” according to a statement from the centre.


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