Top Sikh cop Amar Singh now director at Bukit Aman

Third generation cop Amar Singh brought pride to the Sikh community when made Kuala Lumpur police chief. He strikes again!


Malaysia’s top ranked Sikh police officer Amar Singh creates history yet again, with his appointment to Bukit Aman.

Commissioner Amar has been appointed as the commercial crime investigation director at the Malaysian police headquarters, effective Oct 14.

He becomes the first Sikh cop to become a director at Bukit Aman, as the Malaysian police headquarters is usually referred to.

The third-generation cop made history for the Sikh community in Malaysia when he was appointed as the Kuala Lumpur police chief, with the rank of commissioner, on 19 Feb 2016.

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This was then the highest rank attained by a Sikh police officer in Malaysia.

Santokh Singh was the last Sikh to be appointed as a state police chief when he was made Selangor CPO with the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SAC) 1.

The PDRM Commercial Crime Investigation Department was formed in December 2004. It is headed by a director with the rank of Commissioner Police (CP) and assisted by two deputies with the ranks of Deputy Commissioner Police and Senior Assistant Commissioner.


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  1. THE MALAY MAIL, Wednesday October 11, 2017

    KL police chief now top commercial crime buster – TMM


    Newly appointed Kuala Lumpur Police chief Datuk Amar Singh’s illustrious career spanning 34 years followed in the footsteps of his father and maternal grandmother who were both in the police force. — Bernama pic

    PETALING JAYA, Oct 11 — After creating history as the first Sikh to be appointed KL police chief, Commissioner Datuk Amar Singh has again broken new ground to become the first director of the Commercial Crimes Department (CCID) in Bukit Aman.

    Amar, 59, who hails from Kinta, Perak, will assume his new position on Saturday, exactly 17 months after taking over as city police chief.

    Among the high-profile cases during his tenure in the city was the recent tragedy, where 23 people were killed in a fire at a religious school in Datuk Keramat that was allegedly started by a group of teenagers.

    The fire, which broke out on the morning of Sept 14, took only a few days to solve.

    A day after the tragedy, seven suspects, aged between 11 and 18, were arrested.

    Amar was also at the helm during the recent SEA Games, where KL police were tasked with handling the safety and security of the Games.

    Four special drills centred on counter terrorism were conducted at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil to get the police into top gear for the event.

    Police had to be on the alert as it had received tip-offs prior to the games of potential terror attacks.

    Amar, who joined the force as an assistant superintendent in 1983, steadily moved up the ranks since his first posting in Johor Baru where he was attached to the Criminal Investigation Department.

    In 2007, Senior Assistant Commissioner Amar served as commandant at the Police Training Centre (Pulapol) in Kuala Lumpur.

    At Pulapol, he was credited with implementing new progressive training methods to nurture more efficient policemen.

    In 2010 he was promoted to Deputy Commissioner and appointed the city deputy police chief.

    Four years later he was promoted and moved to Bukit Aman as CID deputy director and held the position for two years before becoming the city’s police chief.

    Amar’s illustrious career spanning 34 years followed in the footsteps of his father and maternal grandmother who were both in the police force.

    In his speech when taking over as KL police chief, Amar said his appointment was an honour to the minority races in the country, especially Sikhs who make up only 0.16 per cent of the police manpower.

    “This also proves that the force’s leadership is colour blind in promoting its officers as well as in executing duties,” he was quoted as saying.

  2. Congratulations to my friend, Mr Amar Singh to be made the Director of Commercial Crime Investigation at Bukit Aman. It was mentioned that he is the first Sikh to be made a Director, which is a very high position just below the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the Deputy Inspector General of Police. Wasn’t Mr Darshan Singh the Director of Management in the mid to later part of the 1970’s after his posting as Sabah Police Chief. While on this note, wasn’t Mr Darshan Singh the last State Police Chief before Mr Amar Singh took over as KL Police Chief? If I am not mistaken Mr U Santokh Singh was Selangor Police Chief (Chief Police Officer, CPO) in the mid to later part of 1960’s. I stand to be corrected.
    If and only if there is an error it is important we correct it early or else as they say it in Mathematics calculation, error carried forward, ecf.

  3. ….. As I remember he is not the first Sikh cop to be appointed as a director in Bukit Aman ..
    In the late 70’s …… as I remember …… the late Darshan Singh Gill was director of C. I. D at Bukit Aman ..