Petaling Jaya gurdwara lingers without lift

The renovation and lift service for Petaling Jaya gurdwara seems like a never ending story.


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia | 10 Oct 2017 | Asia Samachar |

BROKEN GUTTER: The rainwater remover pipe at Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya (GSPJ) seen recently – Photo / Asia Samachar

The renovation and lift service for the Petaling Jaya gurdwara seems like a never ending story.

Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya (GSPJ), a city place of worship serving a large segment of city dwellers, remains the only major gurdwara in the Klang Valley with no lift for the convenience of the Sikh Sanggat (congregation).

The darbar sahib, or the prayer hall, is located on the second floor of a two-storey building, making it tough for the elderly and the handicapped to access as it. The gurdwara has an annex four storey building, also with no lift service.

When Asia Samachar recently ran a story of Gurdwara Sahib Taiping having successfully completed its lift project – a godsend for the large elderly Sikh community in Perak town about 270km from Kuala Lumpur – we received a number of messages asking about the fate of the Petaling Jaya gurdwara lift.

“It’s sad to see the elderly struggle every other day. I am a regular Wednesday visitor and a life member,” said Randhir Singh.

“The gurdwara building looks run down. Its time to refurbish, if not built a new temple, to cater and accommodate present day needs and demands,” he said.

There are plans to renovate the gurdwara, but it seems the successive committees have not been able to lift them off the ground.

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“GSPJ has more than a lift program,” GPSP management committee president Gordip Singh tells Asia Samachar in text message. “It has a four floor complex adjoining the main darbar sahib. We have to accommodate facilities for both as the shota darbar will be situated in the annex building. Plans are more or less finalised, subject to approval by the authorities.”

Once approved, he said the committee will call for quotations and an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) for budget approval.

Asked when the gurdwara will have a fully-functioning lift, he said: “Waiting for approval of plans. After that, eight months.”

He added the project is complex due to space constraints, requiring them to meet various legal requirements, including parking.

Some gurdwara members, however, are not convinced that the project will see daylight anytime soon.

“I’ve bee hearing about this renovation for many years now. Let’s see if they can get on with it,” said one member who declined to be named.

Taiping joined gurdwaras in Kuantan, Pahang, and Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, when it unveiled its lift, costing RM125,000 including the civil work, last month.

New gurdwara buildings – like the one in Shah Alam and Puchong as well as Subang Jaya which is now under construction – come planned with lift services.

PLANS: Renovation plans for GSPJ as displayed at the gurdwara notice board – Photo / Asia Samachar

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  1. Very soon PJGS may have its 12th BARSI of CALL FOR LIFT and nothing is informd by PGGS MC of its LACK OF PROGRESS of the LIFT PROJECT.
    PJGS has the highest number of Sikh Successful Professionals in its Sanggat and may be some of the richest and yet their ability to make PJGS LIFT a reality raises the question oh their sincerety and promises during AGMs regarding satisfying a basic NEED for OKU/SENIOR CITIZENS and thus may give perception that they may be more interested in the KERUSI POWER which gives them control of MILLIONS OF RM OF RESRVE FUNDS AND CONTINUE FLOW OF SUBSTANTIAL FUNDS instead of catering to the NEEDS of the SANGGAT.

    Gur Fateh

  2. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the committee members of all the Gurudwaras. It is not easy being in the committee. The time, money and efforts invested is huge.
    May Waheguru ji give you guidance to do what is right and may your sacrifices for the well being of your responsible Gurudwara be acknowledged in His court.

  3. Very many fool’s be fools, with wrong experience and wrong desires are in committees…Sikhs play politics in Gurduara more happily than doing anything constructive for the sangat or community…the Gurduara committee are so messed up, that it is beyond any rationale belief!

    The Guru sits there watching while the committees play up thinking he’s not there, like naughty spoilt brat uncivilised and educated kids when their parents are away.

    Some of these committees are ONLY interested in running sports or games every year.
    Ive sat at small board committees with the heads of UK Sikhs and MPs going at each other in the most arrogant, uncivilized manner. Absolutely ridiculous.

    In a Gurduara, they forget where they are and why theyre there or they simply just do not care.

    They’ve created their own Bullsh*t religion and practices that are so far away from what our Gurus propagated. They are lost.Some re so ignorant that they believe any old rubbish pumped into their heads by deviants, that they allow deviant preachers in.Others have no back bone to stand up to goons and gangsters intimidating the Guru led parcharaks with their naïve understanding and ignorance.

    These fools do NOT know the whole of Sikh is controversial =thus the Brahmin was rattled 5 over centuries ago.The Brahmin RSS has still NOT ceased to misled these goonish thugs from stopping the Sikh parcharaks from doing the parchar of Gurbani of Guru Granth sahib.

    These misleds should be the responsibility of gurduara committees who should get injunctions against such elements from injuring and making Sikhi too fractured, and convoluted, with their fake hukamanamas and misled intelligence.


    These play Gurbani in English translations in big screens, which say, don’t cheat others, don’t do nindya, don’t lie and don’t let ego take over.

    They read it but they dont listen. Try and speak up if you want, maybe it will help,they’ll get violent with the message of the Guru like they were in SP.

    The committees do NOT account for monies collected, accounts are NOT transparent etc

    Sometimes, it is interesting to note, just how much they collect from others, BUT DO THEY DONATE ANY THEMSELVES?

    Do they ?NO they do NOT.Some who lost businesses found that they can use Gurduaras finds to fund a living for themselves, this is why they are so eager to never let go once they have the kursi.

    I recall a gurduara , to whom many years ago, I offered a substantial sum to get a lift installed.After agreeing they renegaded…..but nevertheless one loud mouth still wanted me to donate, the money, but build my own lift…. when I refused to hand over the money until I see work for lift, they got quite sour!

    Many rumours were spread, but when I wrote, that should I hear any more, litigation would follow, it all went quiet.This year, I was approached by someone else and informed that the lift is being undertaken again solely by another sub committee, self set up, will I please return to help!

    I said I will think abt it.

    The same mangemnt needs another bunch of volunteers to undertake work that the committee should be….wonderful!

    In short, the answer is “yes”. committees can come together for the benefit of the community “provided” have allegiance to both the Granth [SGGSJ] and the Panth [Sikh Society]. That is to say, the former a theological concept that promotes equality, unity, tolerance and order, the latter, a “particular” school of thought [khalsa], that promotes value-social norms, cosmopolitan outlook and a unique identity.

    This Granth Panth doctrine flows from the institution of Miri Piri [temporal spiritual]. And, was deemed an absolute necessary in a country like India where ethnic diversity was so rife that it required an “unshakeable and unbreakable” vehicle like Khalsa to safely transport those core values n beliefs to fruition. If it hadn’t been for the Khalsa Panth, we would’ve had a diluted version of Nanak’s original revelations.

    Panth is the protector of the Granth, but there is that paradox, can you see ? Granth is saying all is one and Panth is saying no, all is not one, Khalsa is the “perfect” one. And since perfection is subjective, the organ responsible for that train of thought is evolution, meaning: just as the feather isn’t just pretty, it’s pretty useful. Strong, light, and flexible with tiny barbs so fantastically designed to carry the bird on wings. So is Khalsa, the perfect wings to soar the sky for sansarik knowledge [social society] and dharmik knowledge [religious society]. A vehicle designed to preserve, protect and safe guard the delivery of a universal message.

    But of course, different tongues in committees will speak different dialogues, alone the true “you” will prevail when you’ve accepted the Guru granth panth ideal. Those that are busy trying to separate the two are by far and in few a number to effect the spiritual Sikh. The pursuit of understanding cannot be held responsible for the hypothetical abuse nor should it be impeded to reform society.

    But HOW MANY in Malaysian Gurduaras are the reflection of the Khalsa, or even on the road to,when they do NOT know the difference between crooks and the parchar of Guru Granth?

    I hope, the elderly sangat of PJ gets its lift, not the empty excuses and promises apparently being delivered by all committees for the last yoke number of years, from what reads.

  4. GSPJ MGT COMMITTEES OFFICIALS WHEN ASKED ABOUT THE PROGRESS OF LIFT INSTALLATION OVER THE LAST 11 YEARS HAVE ALWAYS CLAIMED THAT THEY ARE WORKING HARD ON THE PROJECT but the long delay may give the perception that thry may have been hardly working on the lift project. However the large reserves which may be close to RM3M may give the impression that MGT members may have equated with increased reserve funds to achieve it they have been working hard.
    But success of any MGT should be equated with services provided for the Sanggat and not quantum of reserves. It is common for many GS elections where there be many eho want may want the positions due to large reserves instead of keeping promises made to serve the needs of the Sanggat and to achievre which there may even be disturbance an Police intervention/reports but which insult to Sikhi may be of little concern to some of those contesting for positions.
    Gur Fatej