Seremban gurdwara ‘lift’ the Sanggat up

| Seremban, Malaysia  | 13 March 2016 Asia Samachar |
Wheelchair-bound Satwant Kaur, 81, is all beaming with the new lift at Gurdwara Sahib Seremban, officially opened today (13 March 2016)
Wheelchair-bound Satwant Kaur, 81, is all beaming with the new lift at Gurdwara Sahib Seremban, officially opened today (13 March 2016)

The newly launched lift at Gurdwara Sahib Seremban is providing a real lift to the Sikh Sanggat in the town.

It was enough to motivate wheelchair bound Satwant Kaur, 81, to visit the gurdwara  after a long lapse.

Since suffering a stroke 10 years ago, Satwant had been forced to use the wheelchair. It was no easy task to access the darbar sahib which is on the first floor of the two storey gurdwara building in the state capital of Negeri Sembilan.

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“She likes coming to the gurdwara. The few times we came in the past, she was confined to the langgar hall on the ground floor. I didn’t feel good that she was confined to that area, and not able to go up to the darbar sahib,” said her daughter Jaswinder Kaur.

“Back then, my mum and dad used to visit the gurdwara often.”

Satwant’s husband is the late postal worker Shamsher Singh. Jaswinder was also working at the postal department but quit her job to look after her mother .

The Seremban gurdwara lift, officially opened today after an ardas, cost RM230,000, excluding maintenance.


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  1. My congratulations to the Management of the Gurdwara Sahib Seremban for providing a real lift to the Sikh Sanggat which was officially opened today after an ardas and had cost RM230,000, excluding maintenance.

    Lifts have been a basic need for the elderly and the handicapped for visits to Gurdwara Sahib Buildings. As such they are now a standard feature in many new Gurdwara Building Projects. Thus it is important for existing double storey Gurdwara buildings to install lifts and this subject must be given immediate attention by their respective Management Committees.
    One existing Gurdwara that does not have this lift facility is the PJ Gurdwara even though the Sanggat has been appealing for this facility for years. I am one of those who has been calling on and reminding the Management Committee for the lift facility.
    This year is the TENTH BARSI OF THE CALL FOR THE LIFT and yet it is not there. Shortage of funds cannot be any reason for not having the lift as the surplus funds are understood to be in excess of RM2.0 million. The standard response received whenever the matter is raised is that WE ARE WORKING VERY HARD ON THE LIFT PROJECT. Due to the ten years delay it can only be perceived that all the Management Committees for the last ten years were HARDLY WORKING for reasons best known to the Committee members. The Committee was requested to seek the advise of the Sanggat on the lift need by appealing via announcement for expertise on how to ensure that the lift becomes a reality. However there is little evidence that the Sanggat has been taken into confidence on the problems faced by the Committee in not being able to provide the lift at PJ Gurdwara Sahib.
    PJ Gurdara Sahib is one of the most efficiently managed Gurdwara as regards religious functions and langgar and facilities for education, etc are involved. Also it is also well endowed with funds. It is hoped that the existing Management Committee can succeed in making the lift a reality within the next six months.
    GURDWARA FUNDS ARE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE SANGGAT AND NOT FOR EARNING FIXED DEPOSIT INTEREST BY LEAVING IT IN THE BANKS. Committees are remembered for their good deeds and not the quantum of funds accumulated but not used.