An uncalled for attack against Amar Singh and Sikh community, says federal minister

Malaysian Minister of Communications and Multimedia slams political commentator RPK for poking fun at police commissioner Amar Singh's turban

Malaysian federal government minister Gobind Singh Deo at the ground breaking of Jalan Loke Yew crematorium – Photo: Gobind Singh Deo Facebook page

“This is an uncalled for attack against Amar Singh and the Sikh community. It deserves nothing less than the highest degree of condemnation.”

Malaysian Minister of Communications and Multimedia Gobind Singh Deo made the statement in response to news of political commentator Raja Petra Kamaruddin attacking the turban of a senior Malaysian police officer Commissioner Amar Singh Ishar Singh.

“It undermines the most basic values we Malaysian’s uphold, which is mutual respect for each other. We are a multiracial and multireligious society. We cannot and must not allow such attacks against any one of us to go unnoticed,” he added in a statement shared via the social media.

He added that this was an example of why Malaysia needed to push ahead for laws which regulate hate speech.

“These laws must also focus on more effective and efficient extra-territorial reach so as to facilitate the prosecution of persons who commit such offences from overseas here in Malaysia,” he said.

In his article two days ago (28 Sept), Raja Petra had said said that ‘Amar Singh Ishar Singh’s turban must be too tight that it is restricting the flow of blood to his brain’ and that ‘Amar Singh needs to remove his turban to clear his brain once in a while’.

On his part, Amar, the highest ranking police officer hailing from the Sikh community and a third-generation policemen, has slammed Raja Petra’s reemarks as “demeaning and racist”.

Earlier today, the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) had warned that the remarks by the blogger had the potential to create ‘hate and disrespect’ for the Sikh turban.

“These racially tinged remarks are likely to create hate and disrespect for the Sikh Turban as they have gone viral resulting in the Sikh community being greatly offended and has pressurised the MGC to take immediate steps to condemn this racial slurs,” MGC president Jagir Singh said in a statement emailed to the Asia Samachar.



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