Naam Ras 2014 draws more non-Sikhs


Naam Ras Kirtan Darbar 2014, a biennial Sikh religious event in Singapore, saw more non-Sikhs attending the event over the four days as it reached out to leaders and representatives of other faiths and ethnic groups in Singapore, reports Tabla

See report entitled Naam Ras 2014: Spiritual Sikh event draws more non-Sikhs at AsiaOneSingapore.

Held at the Singapore Expo Hall from Dec 25 to 28, the event brought thousands of people from Singapore and the region to an uplifting experience of blissful kirtan (Sikh traditional music and singing), selfless service, insightful awareness and a delectable spread of vegetarian Punjabi food.  — Asia Samachar, Jan 6, 2015


FULL HOUSE: Last day of Naam Ras Kirtan Darbar 2014, Singapore - Photo ASIA SAMACHAR
FULL HOUSE: Last day of Naam Ras Kirtan Darbar 2014, Singapore – Photo ASIA SAMACHAR

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  1. Gurfateh.

    I cant understand why we Sikhs just refuse to use the “right” words….ask a Christian and he will say..”Psalms”….he will never say..oh..thats traditional christian music/singing/songs . In what way are we calling kirtan..traditional sikh music and singing ? Kirtan can only be form Gurbani..Gurbani is our GURU…how can this be sikh traditional music/songs ?? If it was Bhnagra…or boliahn..ordinary folk songs heer ranjha varis shah etc etc now thats rightfully called
    can the Sikh media ta least use and popularise our own vocabualry…Gurdwara is not a temple…ardass is not just a prayer…gurbani /sggs is not the sikh bible..kirpan is not a short dagger/knife..kangha is not just a comb..etc etc etc….Naam Rass is certainly not “name juice”. Benti to Asia samachar !!