By Jasmail Singh


Its time to share again as I have not done so for some time. Please do not take this as gospel truth. Each one of us have our own experiences and own reality of truth. It may be worth while trying it.

It’s a very simple exercise and it won’t take more than 10-11 minutes. Sit in a quiet place and every thought that comes to your mind, let it go. Acknowledge it and let go. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, just let go. Be in your own energy field. When you think of someone, you are bringing that person into your energy field. Its okay, acknowledge it and just let go. We tend to live in the past, reliving the hurt and anger, as it comes, let it go. You may have some grand plan for the future, as it comes, let it go. Speak to your mind and let go. Do it consciously.

The mind is like a stacked memory and it is cluttered with our own experiences. You will be surprised; it carries info when you were in the womb. Not only that, we carry many past life experiences, all the hurt and joy. Interestingly, it’s not only in the mind but within every cell in the body.

We are just conditioning not to listen to the mind by doing this exercise. We have created a civilization where the mental knowledge is highly regarded. As you keep doing this exercise, you will start listening to your own inner voice. You will start relating to the heart.

As a Sikh I will also mentally reaffirm to surrender the mind and head to the Guru and may God abide in my heart (morai herday vaso gopal). You don’t have to do this. You will be amazed, just relating less to the mind and listening more to the heart, you will have more peace. My love to all, it’s worth just trying it out.


Jasmail Singh, who now lives in New Zealand, was at time the founder/moderator of Cybersikh, an email-based Sikh discussion group. – ASIA SAMACHAR (28 Feb 2015)


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  1. Gurfateh.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhh..CyberSikh..brought back fondest memories of my favourite (back then the One and Only such mailing Group on Yahoo..)…moderated and run as perfectly as no one else can…

    Gurbani informs us that we are ..Hum aadmi haan Ek Dammi..the PRESENT…and typically we waste too much effort on the “PAST” which is no longer under our control…and also an equal amount of time wasted on the “Future” which again is not ours..but what we do have is the PRESENT..the GIFT…and yet we give so little attention to that which is ours to savour and enjoy…so YES…LET GO…of the Past…and Live in the PRESENT…chnage the present via gurbanis teachings maryada, practise..and become Living Gurbani…Gurbani banneyeah as SGGS declares should be our aim… Thanks Jasmail Singh Ji..for a good read…appreciated. Jarnail Singh Arshi Gyani Selayang