Singapore’s Bahadur Bachey 2015 is back

Singapore | 5 Dec 2015Asia Samachar
Bahadur Bachey camp.
Bahadur Bachey camp.

By Organising Committee

As we come to the end of 2015, Sikhs Sewaks Singapore once again brings Bahadur Bachey (BB) Samelan to the Sangat from 9-13 Dec 2015. Celebrating a decade of fun and learning, this 10th edition of BB will have special outings, games, sports leagues and the very much loved Talent Night!

Inpiring Youth

Gurmat Samelans (Sikh camps) for youth were actively organised in Singapore during the 1980s and 1990s, spurring the growth of Sikhi awareness. The 2000s saw a decline in Gurmat Samelans as many youth leaders migrated to other countries for studies and work.

For several years, no Samelans were organised which left a generation of children without the experience of learning Sikhi with their peers in an enjoyable and communal setting.

Growing up as a minority in cosmopolitan Singapore, many Sikh children faced issues with their identity and self confidence. Many young parents, who also grew up in a diverse culture without strong Sikhi upbringing, often felt ill equipped to address these issues.

Recognising this as an emerging crisis, a few youth serving their National Service and some tertiary students conceived plans for an experiential camp to empower the next generation.

The dream was to allow children to overcome their anxiety and incorporate Sikhi values into their daily living through a relaxed and fun learning atmosphere.

A camp that would allow Sikh children to interact and make friends with other kids and draw strength from one another as they come to realise there are others who face similar challenges as them.

After some meetings and gathering support from the Sangat, Bahadur Bachey (BB) ran for the first time in December 2006.

Initially intended for children aged 6 to 12 (BB Kids), BB has grown from strength to strength and expanded to include programmes for toddlers (Li’l BB) and teens (BB Teens which grew into its own Samelan, Lionheart, in June 2015).

The overwhelming support from the sangat inspired and continue to inspire every Bahadur Bachey Samelan since. This year will be BB’s 10th anniversary and they have come full circle with many BB ‘graduates’ on the organising team.



Camp: Bahadur Bachey

Dates: 9-13 Dec 2015

Location: Central Sikh Temple, Singapore

Registration (participants 4-12 years old) and Sewadars (13 and above):

Registration for Sewadars (complete this form to indicate your area of interest):

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About Sikh Sewaks Singapore

Sikh Sewaks Singapore is a youth organisation committed to identifying key challenges faced by current day Sikh youth and implementing sustainable programmes that arm us with Gurmat based confidence. Our vision is to build confident, knowledgeable and capable Sikh Youth  who will serve to inspire the many generations to come and our mission is to serve Sikh youth and Sangat through our three pillars of selfless dedication (seva), contemplation (simran) and teamwork (satsang) to achieve all-rounded excellence.


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