Gagandeep, Amarjit Deo lock horns for Kelab Aman presidency

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 14 June 2016 Asia Samachar |
Challenge for SSU Kelab Aman presidency: Straight fight between Amarjit Singh Deo and Gagandeep Singh
Challenge for SSU Kelab Aman presidency: Straight fight between Amarjit Singh Deo and Gagandeep Singh

Intense lobbying is underway for the control of SSU Kelab Aman, one of the oldest Sikh clubs in Malaysia, as it prepares for its annual general meeting (AGM) on Saturday (18 June 2016).

Two key members from the out-going committee – vice president Gagandeep Singh, 37, and treasurer Amarjit Singh Deo, 60, – are battling it out for the presidency.

In separate interviews with Asia Samachar, both sides claim they want to bring about change to the club, located a mere few kilometers from the Petronas Twin Towers, at one point the tallest twin towers in the world.

“I’m coming in as we need a real change. I think we have the team, the know-how and know-who,” said Amarjit who owns, among others, Tenaga Parking Services India, the largest car park and traffic management services company in India.

“The club is running well but it has been at this level for last 20 years, no new facilities to show,” he added.

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Gagandeep, who is into the security business, said he wants to ensure that the club brings the wider Sikh community together via sports..

“We plan to extend to recreational activities by working with other Sikh bodies. Most Sikh bodies work in isolation. We want to expand our working relationship with bodies like the Naujawan Sabha.

“We have the venue, we have facilities. Our aim is not just to serve club members, but the wider community,” he said.

Gagan, as he is known among the sporting circle, said he played a key role in getting Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia (SNSM), a Kuala Lumpur-based Sikh youth organisation, to hold its Holla Mahalla games at Kelab Aman some six years ago.

Moving forward, Amarjit said his team plans to increase the facilities for members, be it in-door sporting facilities or better F&B choices.

“We also want to see if we can do something bigger. This land is meant for Sikh sports and recreation, we cannot build condos or shopping complex here. Some people are being naughty. One rumour is suggesting that the Datuks are going to sell and make millions.

“You cannot sell the land. But we can build something things like a wedding hall. We can make the club’s income sustainable. Right now, when we need money, its the same old people donating,” he said.

On their part, Team Gagan, as they brand themselves in their campaign via the social media, said they also plan to improve the sporting, recreational and club facilities.

One of their states mission is to priotise sports development programme for the Sikh youth and members’ children.

“We may be young, but we are passionate in what we do,” they state in their manifesto-like document.

Both sides have filed their respective candidates for the 14-elected positions. An estimated 800 active are eligible to vote for the next committee which will serve for a two-year term.

The out-going president, Suhkdav Singh, who is in the freight forwarding business and was elected in 2014, is not contesting.


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  1. I, Gagandeep Singh, running for President with Team Gagan, hereby would like to state the below:

    A lot have been said about me and my team, whether these allegations and slanderous remarks came from my opponents or people who dont like Team Gagan, it is beyond me.

    I would like to state that my oponents are way elder and wise to me, some even as old as my parents.

    Issues ranging from inexperienced, too young, no ideas for development, not sending teams for Gurdwara Cup, withdrawing as chef de mission for KL team and so forth, i can embark on a path same as my foes to counter slander and make numerous accusations to my opponent’s, but my humble upbringing by my parents have told me to respect all elders even if they have disrecpected me or my friends.

    With the above said, and taking advice from my elders I have chosen the path of not to engage in mudslinging fights with my opponents, my friends and families near and dear to me know all of the above is not true and they know my character, if ever i owe any explanation it is only to my maker and no one else.

    I have started my election campaign on a clean and concious note, I will end it on the same foot. I hope my next message to all if you will be as the President chosen to serve you.

    To my opponents I wish you all the best and may the best man / team win.

    For and on behalf of Team Gagan
    Gagandeep Singh
    In service to Kelab Aman.

  2. It is my hope that the election process will be peaceful and smooth and without any undesireable in incident. Both groups appear to be sincere in their intentions and future plans for the Club and Sikh Community. However they should unite and co-operate immidiately after elections. May be the winners can invite the oponents to be co-opted in the new Management as their co-operation will benefit the Sikh Cumminity especially the next generation.
    It is common perception that Sikhs cannot work together and this is a golden opportunity to change the perception as the image of the Sikh Community was damaged by the Ipoh Gurdwara elections when the Police had been called. Sadly the Ipoh problem has yet to be settled and all involved should act wisely.