Malaysian citizen crime-buster Joe Mahinder nabs 60th criminal

| The Sun | Penang, Malaysia | 21 June 2016 | Asia Samachar |
Citizen crime-buster Joe Mahinder Singh - PHOTO / THE SUN
Citizen crime-buster Joe Mahinder Singh – PHOTO / THE SUN

Crime-buster and Subang Jaya SS14 police community policing liaison officer “Joe” Mahinder Singh is a legend in his own right.

He has confronted and apprehended dozens of criminals since his crime-busting feats began almost 20 years ago. The burly 59-year-old Punjabi earned another feather in his cap on Monday.

He nabbed his 60th criminal – a wanted man who was terrorising and robbing foreign workers in Subang Jaya.

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Mahinder was carrying out his favourite pastime,”patrolling” his SS14 residential area when he spotted the suspect, a Sabahan from Semporna, peeping into a house occupied by foreign workers.

His motorcycle, with its engine running, was outside the house.

Mahinder confronted the man who is in his 30s. The suspect, who appeared nervous, at first said he was looking for a friend but kept changing his story.

When he could not provide a valid explanation, Mahinder made a citizen’s arrest and called the police.

It was later discovered that the man was wanted for several cases in the area.

Mahinder, who has suffered injuries such as a broken ankle and sprained wrist in his crime-busting work, said crime prevention begins with each individual.

“Not everybody may be able to confront a criminal but, a simple act of calling the police or raising an alarm is enough to play a part in crime prevention,” he added. – THE SUN (21 June 2016) Citizen crime-buster nabs 60th criminal

[EDIT NOTE: The name was wrongly spelt as Maninder. The correct spelling is Mahinder]


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