Taiping Sikhs getaway invite for Visit Perak 2017

| Taiping, Malaysia | 24 March 2017 | Asia Samachar |
Taiping Sikhs organise getaway invite for Visit Perak 2017

In conjunction with Visit Perak 2017 Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Taiping encourages all Gurdwaras, Punjabi Education Centers, NGO’s and sangat to make a trip and escapade the historical town of Taiping. Many activities and programmes can be arranged and planned based on your time frame.

SGSS welcomes you to Taiping with open arms and we can collaborate to make this event a memorable one.

Recently we had the Simran Retreat organisers, Gurdwara Sahib Penang PEC centers and other NGO/Gurdwara visited Taiping. Not limited to tourism, trough this programme SGSS would love to have a Satsang programme with the presence of Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji where we could enhance our spiritual journey. Thanks to those who had contacted us and are planning their visit (Seremban, PD, Butterworth, Rawang) and for those who are still contemplating, “JEE AAYA NU”.

Kindly contact Balraaj Singh 0195555564 or Ranjit Singh 0124517451.

[Facebook message shared by SGSS Taiping president Balraaj Singh]


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