Solstar sponsors Cameroon soccer club

Solstar International Pte Ltd was founded by Inderjit Singh, a former MP in Singapore

| India | 8 April 2017 | Asia Samachar |
SOCCER SPONSORSHIP: Singapore-based Solstar, founded by former MP Inderjit Singh, sponsors a Camerron soccer club.

Solstar, a home appliances and consumer electronics brand from Singapore controlled by a former Sikh MP, will be on the jerseys of a soccer club in Cameroon.

Solstar International Pte Ltd has announced its sponsorship of Racing Football Club Bafoussam, a club competing in the Cameroon League 1 Championship.

“Solstar, a Singapore brand which my company started is in many parts of Africa now. We just sponsored a soccer team playing in the top league tournament in Cameroon,” Solstar founder Inderjit Singh, a former Singaporean lawmaker, said in an update on his personal Facebook page.

Solstar sells a range of items like refrigerators, cooling appliances and kitchen appliances.


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  1. Congratulations to Sardar Inderjit Singh Ji of Singapore of Solstar who sponsored a Cameroon soccer club. Another good example to be followed by financially well endowed Sikhs in the world including Malaysia.
    Now will any Malaysian Sikh follow his lead and sponsor any youth club in any sport and equally important will any youth club be interested if there were to be any such offer of sponsorship.
    Hope for the best.

    Gur Fateh

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