Call for entries for international directory of prominent Sikh organisations

After release of '500 Sikh Role-models' book, Kes Sambhal Parchar Sanstha now embarks on directory of Sikh organisations working for promotion and propagation of Sikh religion. They are calling for entries.


Public Service Announcement | 29 Sept 2017 | Asia Samachar |

500 Sikh Role Models

Kes Sambhal Parchar Sanstha

51-Rani ka Bagh, Amritsar. Tel. : 0183-2564904, 183-2226635

Delhi Office : V-239, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027. Ph. : 41447461

Dated : 18.7.2017


Dear Gursikh brothers and Sisters,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Kes Sambhal Parchar Sanstha is really grateful to God for the appreciation it has got from all of you for the directory of ‘500 Sikh Role-models’ as prepared by the Sanstha and released recently in India and USA. The directory was formally launched in Canada on 15th July 2017 at Punjab Pavilion which was a part of a function to celebrate Canada Day and the 350th Birth Anniversary of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Brampton.

In the meantime, continuing its efforts to bring the people of Sikh community closer to each other and strengthen their unity, the Sanstha has announced its new project of preparing an International Directory of prominent Sikh organizations which are working for the promotion and propagation of Sikh religion, of the tenets and teachings as contained in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Sikh history, values, traditions and Punjabi language and culture.

All such organizations which are registered under the law of the land and are working for more than 2 years with minimum 10 members will be included in this directory. The Sanstha has devised a format for giving the relevant particulars. We are here to request all such organizations which are eligible and all those persons who are associated with these organizations to come forward and furnish the said details before 15th September 2017. The said details can be sent to Sanstha’s address as given herein by post or on email given below or online by visiting our site

We also appeal to all the editors of newspapers, magazines, journals published anywhere in the world who are connected in any manner with Sikh religion and/or Punjabi language and culture to help us by giving advertisements in their esteemed media so that no eligible organization is missed while making entries. We also request the electronic media persons who are owning/running Punjabi Channels anywhere in the world to kindly help the Sanstha to advertise this project.

The directory under reference will not only increase the information about Sikhs, the interaction among them and strengthen their unity, but will also make all the persons aware of their activities leading to a better coordination for better results in respective activities. A strong and united community will be beneficial not only for our own people, but also for all the people of the world as the fundamental aim of the Sikh community is to do everything for the welfare of all (Sarbat da bhala). For any other information/format contact us or visit our site. With the hope that we will get an enthusiastic and warm response from all our brothers and sisters, we thank you in anticipation.

(SurinderJit Singh Pall) Chairman, Email:; 9810515174

(Pardaman Singh) President, KSPS, Delhi Unit, 9811566763

(H.S. Bhatia) Secretary, KSPS, Delhi Unit, 9868489992

(Jagjit Singh) Member of Core committee, 9810148583

(Agya Singh) Member of Core committee, 9311283540


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    कृपा करके आप मुझे यह बता सकते हैं कि भगवान ने धरती को और इंसानों को किस मकसद से बनाया था?
    आपका बहुत ही ज़्यादा धन्यवाद होगा।

    Could you please answer why did God create the earth and man?
    I’ll be highly obliged for the reply.

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