YSA’s Young Leaders Programme draws strong interest

| Singapore | 13 Sept 2016 | Asia Samachar |

ysa-young-leadersThe Young Sikh Association Singapore (YSA) has launched a new initiative – the Young Leaders Programme, which has already attracted a strong interest from the community in its pilot year.

The programme aims to identify and groom young Sikhs to take on national-level responsibilities; build a pipeline of community leaders; equip them to succeed professionally; help them cultivate relevant and high-level networks; and create a global and national outlook among these Sikhs.

The programme focusses on the three pillars of professional development, community leadership and thought leadership.

It will feature knowledge building, application of knowledge, critical thinking and reasoning, reflection, teamwork and project management, awareness of the community and its external environment and developing professional networks.

“It is in the long-term interest of the community to have a platform to identify and groom young Sikhs with the potential to assume the mantle of leadership in their professions, at the national-level as well as in the community,”  said Malminderjit Singh, President of YSA, who has developed and run such youth leadership programs in other organisations.

“We owe it to ourselves to invest in the future of the community and through this three-month programme, we are looking to impart the core skills and exposure necessary to provide a strong foundation for the participants to excel in various fields.”

During the programme, the participants will be involved in a comprehensive range of activities including dialogue sessions, panel discussions, outreach initiatives, skills workshops, group-wide activities and career talks.

Through the annual programme, YSA hopes to play an important role in ensuring that the Sikh community continues to benefit from the involvement of young Sikhs in its affairs.

Recognising the value of the initiative, several community leaders and organisations have nominated youth to be considered for the programme, Malminderjit tells Asia Samachar.

Further, applications and nominations have also poured in from members of the community. [For more details, see YSA website here.]

Applications for the programme close on 14 Sept 2016, with an orientation session for the inaugural batch of participants held on 17 September. The programme will run until December 2016 with about 12 formal sessions over the course of its duration.


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