Yet another use for the charpoy


    Shoes on charpoy – Photo / Avtar Singh Khosa Facebook

Charpoy or the Punjabi manja can be put to work in many ways. We found this photo on the social media.

Avtar Singh Khosa, a Malaysian avid long distance runner and sportsman, shared this photo on his Facebook. Shoes, shoes, all around!

Asia Samachar had also recently written about his son, Prahlaad Singh Khosa, who is also into long distance running.



  1. yes both my parents came from India and we were all born here in Singapore. we (4 brothers enjoyed sleeping in the charpoys right till our adulthood.
    Well the charpoys lasted us for half a century and was indeed sad to throw them away.
    Now we have all the latest comfortable beds but let’s be frank nothing can beat the charpoys.

  2. NOT only from sleeping, the charpoy had far many uses than keeping mere shoes.It was used to sun out pillows, dry beans and daal, or even sheets!
    It has even been used as a shield with another charpoy for privacy, while sleeping on another!Too many to be counted here.