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Young Prahlaad is a budding Malaysian long distance runner and a football player

| Malaysia |  19 Aug 2016 | Asia Samachar |
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Prahlaad Singh Khosa: Budding long distance runner and a football player – PHOTO / SUPPLIED

While the Olympics have their headlines for Malaysian athletes and international superstars, Asia Samachar continues with its series of talking to our Punjabi youth with the potential of becoming real stars themselves in the future.

Here’s our second interview in this series with Prahlaad Singh Khosa, a long distance heavy weight in his own age group and a part time football midfielder for the Subang Jaya Community Sports Club.

Our first impression of him is good. Not chatty but there’s a steely sense of confidence when listening to his responses. There is no hint of arrogance, yet he answers assuredly and maintains the boyish smile every now and then. Here’s the full transcript:

Prahlaad (right) with his dad Avtar Singh Khosa and sister
Prahlaad (right) with his dad Avtar Singh Khosa and sister

AS: What got you into long distance running at such a young age? Did you parents play a strong role in encouraging you to get into this?

Prahlaad: My father got me into long distance running at a young age and he encouraged me to run when I felt like stopping increasing the distance bit by bit.

What is it about long distance running that makes you want to do it? Is it the same reason that you do it competitively?

The thing that got me into long distance running is that there is more time to catch up with rest. You change strategies during the run.

You normally run amongst those elder than you, sometimes amongst the age of your dad. How do you feel about that? Proud? Challenged to do better?

I feel proud running against people older than me because they help me improve by giving me tips and challenging me to go faster and it’s always a nice moment when you beat someone older and bigger!

When did you start competitive long distance running? How many competitions have you participated in since you started?

I started running in 2012 and i have taken part in 15 races since then.

15? That is very impressive. Which competition to date was the most grueling and challenging one? Why was it so?

The most challenging race I ever ran was the 2015 MPSJ run because a boy came out of nowhere and was ahead of me and I lost confidence in myself and eventually finishing 4th and losing out on a medal.

You’re also a football player I’ve admired. Who do you play for now?

I am playing for SJCSC currently.

How were you able to play football while running long distance competitively?

The long distance running helped my football path because it gave me the stamina to play all around the park and it also allows me to play midfield my favourite position.

Which sport do you think you want to pursue further and focus on, if at all you want to focus?

I have recently picked up hockey. I really like the sport.

You’re a Red, I’m assuming. Do you aspire to play for them? Any favourite players past and present?

I do aspire to play for them. My favourite player is Steven Gerrard, though he slipped.

Do you ever compete with your sister in any of your endeavours? Healthy competition, of course.

Yes, I do compete with my sister as she does not want to loose to me. So she trains hard to give me a tough fight and she has improved a lot but she will still not beat me.

Finally, any advice for aspiring sportsmen, young and old alike?

Be committed and don’t be lazy!

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  1. The Sikh community via its many cash surplus Gurdwaras-Associations-Clubs-NGOs should provide full support to the likes of Young Prahlaad who is a budding Malaysian long distance runner and a football player if it wants any Sikh to excel in sports. Such assistance can also be part of approved usage of DASWAND which should be given wider interpretation and not limited to just offering for religious purposes and construction/renovation of Buildings especially now when the number of Y-Gen appears to be staying away from listening to Guru Ji’s Banis and Teachings.

    Now which Gurdwaras-Associations-Clubs-NGOs will take the lead? In today’s world all activities need long term financial support and there is no guarantee that all will succeed. Such assistance may be likened to venture capital where once a way you can strike gold.

    Gur Fateh