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Sharmeel Kaur from Kuala Lumpur was the only Sikh from Malaysia to receive this 100 Top Global HR Minds

Sharmeel Kaur

A Malaysian-based human resource (HR) practitioner Sharmeel Kaur recently bagged the Top 100 Global HR Minds award in Mumbai, India.

She was one of the 2,000 professionals and leaders from 133 nations that took part in the World HRD Congress 2018.

Sharmeel, the HR head at Volkswagen Malaysia, was not in HR all the while. At some point of her working career, Sharmeel made a switch from IT to HR because of her ‘deep passion for people’.

The Computer Science graduate from UK has clocked 11 years in HR with a number of multinational companies (MNCs).

And she has a motto for her career: ‘Why just be another face in the crowd when you know you have the potential to outshine yourself from the crowd’.

Asia Samachar spoke to the outstanding lady, the only Sikh recipient at the awards.

AS: How were you chosen for the award?

SK: I was chosen based on nominations. I don’t know who nominated me. It’s usually from the HR fraternity either from Malaysia, Asia or internationally. I was chosen based on my various approaches and methods of contributions to the HR fraternity. My HR work to my organisations – past & present, my work to the community and HR specific projects that I had successfully rolled out.

AS: Were there other Malaysians?

SK: Yes. In total, seven including me received the award.

AS: How do you feel to have been selected for this award?

SK: I am truly honoured to receive this award as I didn’t expect the scale of what this award meant until I went to Mumbai to receive it. However, I could not have achieved my success without divine intervention.

AS: What does it mean to you?

SK: This is a huge achievement to me. I am more motivated by it and will constantly push myself to be better at my job. Also to give back to society, as much as I can. I have this motto in my career: ‘Why just be another face in the crowd when you know you have the potential to outshine yourself from the crowd’. Constantly keeping that in my mind, my emotions in chardi kala (ever exalted spirit) and with Waheguru’s blessings, I was able to succeed to this level. This is just the beginning, I will continue to learn and grow.

AS: What is your advice to the Sikh youth?

SK: To always believe in yourself. We, Sikhs, don’t realise the talent, ability and the gift our Gurus have bestowed on us. Never fail to walk in confidence and to be in a state of chardi kala no matter what the odds may be.

In terms of career, have a passion for your job because anything is possible and never be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. I made the switch from IT to HR because of my deep passion for people and look where it has landed me today.

AS: Tell us about the award?

SK: The selection of the awardee goes through a vigorous selection process. After nominations, an independent team of researchers will verify your experience and credentials. Post that, it goes to a panel of jury comprising of top HR practitioners from around the world and then they decide if you’re worthy enough as an awardee.

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