Guru Gobind Singh Marg


It was in 1973 that the entire route on which Guru Gobind Singh ji travelled from Anandpur Sahib to Damdama Sahib measuring 700 K.m was declared as Guru Gobind Singh Marg. Each and every historic Gurdwara on this route was connected with the road.

Giani Zail Singh became Chief Minister of Punjab in March 1972. He appointed a committee of Giani Lal Singh Director Punjabi Department and Dr. Fauja Singh History Dept. Panjabi University, Patiala to identify the Gurdwaras and prepare the route.

It is to the credit of P.W.D Department that they completed the road within a year and this was inaugurated on 10th April 1973. First time in our history, 30 km long yatra procession started from Anandpur Sahib and reached Damdama Sahib on 13th April the Vaisakhi day with two night halts.

Lakhs of devotees participated in this procession which was greeted by the people standing on the entire route. Holy Shastras of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were displayed on decorated vehicles; two horses which are honoured in Hazur Sahib Nanded were in an open truck on the procession.

Every village on the route was decorated by the people. Special milestones on the pattern of a Qilla Anadgarh Burji were erected, which are even now visible.

The entire Sikh leadership was standing in a jeep with Giani Zail Singh perhaps a rare occasion. Even now people remember this religious fervor and unity of the Sikhs.

I remember that the front part of procession reached Ropar when people were still moving from Anandpur Sahib.

[Tarlochan Singh is a former Member of Parliament (MP) in India and a former chairman of India’s National Commission Minorities. This was first shared at the Gurmat Learning Zone, an email-based Sikh discussion group. To join, send an email to]

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, ADDED BY EDITOR: On the national map, the road stretches from Anandpur Sahib to Takht Sri Damdama Sahib in Talwandi Sabo and then on to Takht Sri Hazur Sahib in Nanded, Maharashtra spanning 3,080km. Of the total stretch, 605km of the route falls in Punjab, 1,123km in Rajasthan, 164km in Haryana, 630km in Madhya Pradesh, 363km in Maharashtra, 18km in Delhi and 177km in Uttar Pradesh. (A report in Times of India, 2015)


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