Stop using Hindu deities pictures on religious products, urges Penang Hindu Association

Several countries in Asia had imposed the ban of such items and Malaysia should also follow the government of the neighbouring countries on this issue - MURUGIAH, Penang Hindu Association

Penang Hindu Association president P Murugiah showing some products that uses pictures of Hindu dieties – Photo: Supplied

With the Thaipusam festival just a week away, manufacturers of religious items has been urged not to use  Hindu deities pictures when labelling religious products.

In a statement, Penang Hindu Association (PHA) president P Murugiah said the manufacturers should immediately stop using pictures of Hindu deities to promote their products as it hurts the feelings of the Hindus when these packages were found thrown in dustbins after using the items.

Among the products cited were camphor, incense packets, red kungumam, sandal wood powder, thiruneeru (holy ashes),oil, ghee and sambrani.

He feared these items would flood the market again during the coming Thaipusam festival.

“It hurts the Hindus and being insulted whenever we come across these packages were being thrown in dustbins or found on the road sides, there were incidents where these holy images were unknowingly stepped by the people.

“It is the moral responsibility of the local manufacturers to identify and understand the sensitivity of the Hindus in the country to stop this irresponsible act of the some greedy businessmen who aimed to make money by ignoring the feelings of the people,” he said in a statement.

He has also called on the Indian High Commission to play its part in highlighting the issue for items imported from India.

“Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry could also play their role by acting against the local traders who manufacture and distribute such items and the Customs Department should ban the import of such items,” Murugiah said.

He added several countries in Asia had imposed the ban of such items and Malaysia should also follow the government of the neighbouring countries on this issue.

“Singapore does not allow the import of such items,” he told Asia Samachar.

He appealed to the Hindus to stop buying these items immediately to make the manufacturers realise that the consumers would not support this anymore.

Thaipusam, will be celebrated on Jan 21, which falls on “Pusam Natchatram” at numerous Murugan Temples in the country and around the world to worship Lord Murugan

PHA has been handling unclaimed dead bodies in Penang for more than three decades, having handled more than 500 bodies todate. The association is also a once-a-month free clinic, a legal aid centre and a one-stop centre to help the poor.

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  1. Hardeep S Gill Ji.100% accurate Sir.I’ve seen it many times khanda and Ek Onkar symbol being used by hindus.
    And don’t forget the latest trend where almost every other tamil is wearing a Kada on their hands.I wonder why?The previous generation of tamils and hindus never wore a Kada,it’s just this current one that seems insecure in their own skin.What are they trying to accomplish by wearing it one wonders.

  2. Almost all religions may be using their respective religious symbols for commercial promotion purposes. Photos and holy verses are displayed in commercial offices, vehicles, businesses properties, hoardings t o promote religions, print/internet social media and any where else by any one if there is a possibility of making profits.
    Pilgrimages to respective holy places used to be a life long prayer of many and only some could do only once in their life times in the past but now all have become under the name of RELIGIOUS TOURISM with profits to be made by use/abuse of the Almighty. Today such pilgrimages require only money which money can be own or paid for by others. The trip is so easy that a person can reach there in hours and also return in hours and while there can stay in luxurious accommodation with all needs taken care of food.
    Some even visit these holy places while en-route to other countries for business/holidays or other reasons. Further most visit these places with hardly any luggage and yet on their return they come back with multiple bags which gives the perception that the pilgrimage visit may have been an excuse and incidental and the main objective/reason may have been a business or shopping trip.

  3. Measure I n few of my friends has gone around before Thaipusam wer dieties using khanda and ek onkar (Sikh religious logos) on their kavadis…