Conversion of faith is against Will of Almighty

We did not choose to be what we are by race, culture, language and religion. Every family unit is a unique farm - a subtle battle field that is filled with temptations & attraction of all kinds, into which we have been brought into, by default.

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By Dr. B.S. Bains | OPINION |

Live in

“Past or Present?

The Should or should not?

To be joyous or to stay in Sorrow?

History has many events that have emotions, sentiments, grief, happiness and sorrows attached to it. I wish to draw our attention to a Conversion that is rampantly happening within our faith.

While we need to be reminded of Those Classic Events, through various means, in the form of stories, celebrations, narrations, films and stage performances, these historical events should not deter us from changing our directions and taking joy in events of the present times, in which we are today.

It is our weakness and ignorance to change faith. Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) has strongly emphasised, via Baba Kabir ji’s verses (a Muslim Saint) authenticated by the 5th Sikh Guru (Guru Arjan Dev Ji), to stay put with the decisions made by Almighty and Nature to be born to a family with a particular faith. We did not choose to be what we are by race, culture, language and religion. Every family unit is a unique farm – a subtle battle field that is filled with temptations & attraction of all kinds, into which we have been brought into, by default.

*NEVER… NEVER leave your farm even if we are tortured, threatened or mentally broken down especially when fear is induced in our teenagers during examination or after friendship breakups or when we are made to feel grandeur, especially when our pride is boosted of being nearer to God after a process of conversion…Stay Put, look back and see God in his entire creation as ONE. The pasture on a different farm may look greener, trust, it is an illusion.

“ਸੂਰਾ ਸੋ  ਪਹਚਿਾਨੀਐ ਜੁ ਲਰੇ ਦੀਨ ਕੇ ਹੇਤ।

ਪੁਰਜਾ ਪੁਰਜਾ ਕਟਿ ਮਰੈ ਕਬੂ ਨ ਛਾਡੈ ਖੇਤ ॥”

(Soora So Pehchaniye Jo Lade Deen Ke Haitt.. Purja Purja Katt Mare Kabhuu naa Shadde Khatte…” (SGGS, 1105)

Which means “Victorious are those who will oppose suppression, fear or grandeur uplift when they at the end of their lives return to the doors of heaven  in their origin without changing their farms in which they were sent into.” – Baba Kabir Ji

So it’s our absolute weakness that can drive us off from our farms either through temptations of marriages, wealth or when forced into it by fear.

In the past, we were exposed to Christian prayers at school. Today, it’s turning Islamic. This should not deter us from jumping off from our farms. Many of us did not do so and are still enjoying the comfort of our original farms.

Congratulations to those, who, even though exposed to the temptations, remained strong in their own farms. We don’t need to be fearful of taking joy and having fun enjoying an event in the present pretext, may it be Christmas or Id; Diwali or Vasakhi; or celebrations in any mega society within which we live.

From the Gurus teachings, no-one should ever, even think of converting. Conversion of faith is against the Will of Almighty. We will have nothing to answer when we are asked to give a good reason to change our farms.

Guru Nanak did not change faith. He added value to the existing faith in Hindu and Muslim believe systems. To me there was no element of conversion. It took generations to define Guru ji’s paradigm and that was given a form to his belief system while facing external tyranny and after TEN generations by Guru Gobind Singh ji to give a Saint solder outlook. Today it’s said to be among the religions of the world.  (I’m not discussing spirituality).

Spirituality is an elevation of our being that comes later in life. We can be spiritually elevated from our own farm. Every great messenger came to this earth not to start a religion. But within their parameters of teaching they propagated spiritual upliftment. How many of us appreciate this?  A handful perhaps.

In the courts of God to every answer or justification of ours to The Question then, there will be an answer like this…. Where The Almighty would SAY, “BUT… I am ALLAH… I am CHRIST… I am WAHEGURU… I am RAAM…”

The evidence of Courts of God is clear in SGGS.


DARAM RAI JAB LEKHA Mange kya mukh leke jayenga…. (SGGS, 1104)


Then what answer will we give to justify which FARM is SUPERIOR…

We will then be in a dilemma and it would be too late to think, that we were just illusioned by our very own human race to make the religion of our farm  Inferior  than that of theirs when by right it is about every life lived aimed towards fulfilling a Profound Spiritual Oneness. – The Creator!

But for those who embrace spirituality as the true path to elevate themselves through the blessing of any holy scripture and never slender other religious path; accept the oneness of the Creator; and aim at building their inner; for them religion does not matter anymore. These are people truly considered to be out of the domain of fear, temptations, attracted to worldly possessions. I WILL NOT CATEGORIZE THEM AS CONVERTS.

However, they will only defy their purpose when they begin to make comparison with others’ religion; develop grandeur feeling boosting their ego for being different; feeling of being pure; being sacred from their outlook; or even aim at adding numbers to their believers. When these issues creep into their minds, then conversion is for worldly show and obviously is of no purpose from spirituality point of view.

To me we are born into a religion first, whether an ancient religion or one of today’s standing.

Now come to people having no faith? Perhaps from cross culture and religion marriage. That is obviously confusing and challenging. In my travels, I have seen when the parents do not create superiority of one with that of the other within them, there is a set mind by the children to conclude a solution to follow one. In all possibility, in this situation, neither religion was introduced well. I would not take this as conversion, rather adopting the one easier to practise and ultimately takes onto the road of self elevation.

This article is aimed at those who choose to convert even after having a strong religious background to suit them for economic or social reasons. How do we justify this? The lines taken are apt to this situation.

Dr Balwant Singh Bains is a Malaysia-based kirtan enthusiast and a practicing physiotherapist with a chain of physiotherapy clinics.


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