Jagir and team sweep MGC elections

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 21 Nov 2015 | Asia Samachar |
Delegates from gurdwaras in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia arriving together at the AGM.
Delegates from gurdwaras in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia arriving together at the AGM.

Jagir Singh won the Malaysian Gurdwara Council (MGC) presidency for the fifth term when he defeated a spirited challenge by Aman Singh with a vote count of 104 to 63. There were four spoilt votes.

The four vice presidents (VPs) elected unanimously were Prof Dr Rabindarjeet Singh, lawyer Karamjit Singh, Ranjodh Singh and Narinderpal Singh from Ipoh. The house also elected incumbent Jagjit Singh as secretary and Arjan Singh as treasurer, both uncontested. (Corrected).

“The president’s men won,” one delegate told Asia Samachar.

Mohan Singh Himawari, one of the four out-going VPs, was earlier said to be mulling a challenge against Jagir but is said to have backed out at the last minute after a compromise was not reached.

Aman, the MGC representative for Federal Territory, then took on the charge of the rival team.

Another delegate who took part in the meeting said not much interest was shown to issue.

“One issue discussed was on the different dates for Gurpurabs here and at Harmandir Sahib. Otherwise, there was not much interest in issues, just elections,” he told Asia Samachar in a text message.

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  1. Gurjit Singh, if you truly live in Kulim I will lead the task team and visit you in Kulim.Please share with us your address

  2. This JASBIR SINH is using fake name.He is no body from Kulim.I am from Kulim.No person with such name lives in the vicinity of Kulim.Sri Guru Granth sahib is not spelt as Grant sahib.What is WGKKWGTF-if you truly live in Kulim I will lead the task team and visit you in Kulim.Please share with us your address.Otherwise, you are another fake-trouble maker-perhaps one of the losers from elections.

    There was no NO Jasbir sinh -he was not in the team that came from Kulim.Pls check the attendees list and find jasbir Sinh from Kulim!NONE.

    I truly hope the elected team will work in honesty and lead the way forward.There are a lot frustrated opportunitist out there.


    I refer to comment by someone who claims to be Jasbir Singh, Kulim, Kedah. The writer is making false allegations when he says between 12:30 PM till 2:30 PM several MGC staffs were busy filling 28 empty delegates forms.

    From as early as about 12:45 PM delegates started coming in and by 1:00 PM there was already a crowd at the registration area. The Secretary together with Bhenji Amar Kaur and another lady were busy registering all delegates.

    Here there cannot be any cheating by M.G.C staff as more than 50 delegates were present by 1:00 PM and by 2;00 PM the numbers had jumped to over 120 delegates.

    In fact there were complaints that some group members were filling forms in the Langgar Hall downstairs where for the first time they had delegates forms from Sabah and Sarawak Gurdwaras. I as the President was already in my seat from about 1:30 PM going through the reports and getting things organised.

    The alleged counsellor was not from our team. In fact, he had attacked the President by saying that the President had not submitted Draft Budget for Selangor Gurdwaras to Selangor Menteri Besar Selangor as was claimed by President. I have the chopped Draft showing our paper submitted on 13/10/15 to MB’s office and MB’s office reply dated 22/10/15 acknowledging it.

    It is clear that Sdr. Jasbir is trying to put the blame on MCG when it was purportedly done by others. All delegates witnessed the councillor questioning President as above.

    There was no question also of bringing in relatives for voting. The claim of 8 brothers from Sunway including the councillor shows that Jasbir has misunderstood. As mentioned, the councillor was not from my team or MGC supporters. I hope the above clarifies the issue and members present will vouch that MGC leaders had acted with integrity at the MGC,. AGM.

  4. WGKKWGTF. I would like share some ‘events’ with my fellow brothers and sister. Yesterday, between 12.30pm till 2.30pm, several MGC staffs were busy filling 28 empty delegate forms which were duly stamp and signed by relevant Gurudwaras presidents or secretaries who were unable to attend. Jagir Singh’s team brought in mama,masi,masar, chaca,chaci,son,daughter,son in law, daughter in law,husband & wife team, 8 brothers from sunway(inclusive of 1 mpsj councillor, mohan singh who was gurudwara rep for kuala kerai ,kelantan ) and several naujawan members to become delegates to vote. Now, does this really reflects gurudwara representation to MGC?
    My question to Sardar Jagir Singh: If u are really A former Federal prosecutor with the then Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) and also the author of Law of Bribery and Corruption published in 1994 by International Law Publishers, and if you have respect / faith with Sri Guru Grant Sahib, please reveal all the delegate list to a Special task Force lead by Asia Samachar. If i m proven wrong, let WAHEGURU punish me for my allegations. If, Asia Samachar task force finds irregularities, then sardar Jagir Singh should resign respectfully. And Sardar Jagir Singh, please don’t give us the bullshit statement which is legally binding ‘THAT RESPECTIVE GURUDWARAS CAN NOMINATE THEIR REPS WHICH IS CLEARLY ALLOWED UNDER MGC CONSTITUTION’.