Largest gathering yet for Malaysia’s Istri Satsang


| Khalsa Land, Malaysia | 16 Dec 2015 | Asia Samachar |

MGC Istrisatsang Salana Samagam 2015 at Khalsa Land in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.
MGC Istrisatsang Salana Samagam 2015 at Khalsa Land in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.

It was the largest gathering yet for Malaysian Gurdwara Council (MGC) Istrisatsang Salana Semagam.

Some 300 participants and sewadars attended the 8th Salana Semagam held between Dec 5-6 at Khalsa Land in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Malaysia.

They came from 10 towns in five states, with strong representation from Seremban, Malacca, Perak, Penang and Butterworth, KKB, Pulapol and the Klang Valley.

It was the biggest event so far held at Khalsa Land, according to Sarjit Singh. Khalsa Land is the camp site managed by the Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia.

MGC president Jagir Singh and his team were the first ones to arrive in the afternoon on Friday (4 Dec) to oversee the set up and preparations for the event.

The first bus of eager participants arrived at 4am on Saturday from Penang and Butterworth.

After registration and breakfast, the program started with the Arambak Ardaas followed by Sukhmani Sahib Paath. After a quick briefing, the ladies assembled in the marquee area for for ice breaking and getting to know each other.

MGC Istrisatsang Salana Samagam 2015 at Khalsa Land in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.
MGC Istrisatsang Salana Samagam 2015 at Khalsa Land in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.

There were more participants from the younger groups. To accommodate the wider range in age of the participants (10-90 years) the ladies were divided into two main groups: 40 years and below, and 41 and above. Each team had their activities and classroom sessions suited to their age group.

Jaspreet Kaur conducted ‘grooming’ session for the teens and young working adults conducted in a charming and professional manner. Participants picked up tips on grooming, dressing and etiquette.

On the second day, there was a session on ‘Mindful Living’ and the status of women in Sikhi by Harpreet Kaur. The older ladies, on the other hand, had an informative talk on osteoporosis by Dr Jaswinder Singh, a consultant orthopedician from Hospital Taiping.

There were three Darbar Sahib sessions. The Inspiration Session (the kirtan and katha session) on Saturday evening was delivered with power-packed kirtan and messages by Harcharan Singh aka Raja Sahib.

On Sunday morning, Sukhdev Singh and the Dasmesh Jatha lead the sangat through a blissful simran session. Both events were inspiring and very well received.

Before the semapti ardaas at 12noon, views and suggestions were solicited from the representatives from the attending gurdwaras for the 2016 programme.

Then, the participants said their farewells and departed for their homes by 2pm.

“We are immensely grateful to the participants, gurdwara committees, speakers and all donors and sewadars who had participated in making the program a success,” said MGC Istri satsang committee chairperson Dr Amarjeet Kaur.

“We look forward to continue to serve the sangat, God Willing, with another wonderful session on the first weekend of December 2016.”


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