Actress Kavita to wed Italian beau next month

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 28 Dec 2015 | Asia Samachar |
Kavita Kaur Sidhu to tie the knot with Italian beau Roberto Guiati - PHOTO / INSTAGRAM
Kavita Kaur Sidhu to tie the knot with Italian beau Roberto Guiati – PHOTO / INSTAGRAM

Beauty queen-turned-model and actress Kavita Kaur Sidhu is set to tie the knot with her Italian beau Roberto Guiati next month. Kavita said Guiati popped the question last July while they were on holiday in Phuket, reports The Star.

A geologist by training, Guiati has been living here for nine years and works in the sales sector in the oil and gas industry. The couple met here through friends eight years ago.
“We started dating about four-and-a-half years back,” she told The Star (Wedding bells for actress Kavita, 27 Dec 2015).

The Miss Charm International 1990, also a fashion designer and film producer, said she was “very careful” when she accepted Guiati’s proposal, the report adds.

“I know life is full of risks but I am cautious when it comes to marriage because you will be living with this person for the rest of your life,” she commented about her upcoming first marriage.

Kavita and Guiati will have their wedding ceremony at the posh Grand Hyatt Hotel here on Jan 8, during which the bride will be wearing a self-designed wedding dress.

The couple have also been business partners for a while, co-owning Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar here with Kavita’s brother.


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