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Bulbir Singh featured, once again, in The Star newspaper.
Bulbir Singh featured, once again, in The Star newspaper.

His name can sometimes appear as frequently as journalists’ bylines. Unlike members of the media who are usually tied to their own beats, however, Bulbir Singh writes about everything under the sun.

Faithfully, religiously … he says it like it is, without fear or favour. Welcome to his world of writing “Letters to the Editor”. The 75-year-old man has been writing letters to publications since he was 12, a “trashy” situation in his school – St. Paul’s Institution in Seremban – inspiring his first literary piece.

“The then state secretariat commented on the garbage in my school, saying we needed to educate our citizens to keep our surroundings clean and tidy. And that’s how my interest in the environment was born and has lasted to this day,” he said during a recent interview.

He may write as an individual, but he speaks as a collective. Bulbir is the guy who dares say what we only think. “Writing gives me a platform to speak up, not only for myself, but for others. Since my first letter, I have not stopped writing. Writing is a must for me … like a cup of morning tea or coffee,” said the former Tenaga Nasional Berhad trainer and PR executive, who sometimes shoots off two or three letters a day to various English dailies.

He tackles all subject matters – the pricing of consumer goods, climate change, energy conservation … and even TV programmes. “I write on whatever pleases me. But environmental topics take priority. I also talk about the price of goods and services, misleading advertising and other daily matters. I try to champion consumers, to make them smarter buyers.”

Understandably, these are the burning subjects that are close to his heart. “Writing about these things gives me satisfaction with the hope that some action would be taken. Hopefully, my efforts will make consumer life a wee bit better,” he revealed.

Bulbir’s words have certainly affected change – suggestions made in the past about the Hire Purchase Act 1976, the Price Control Act and medical ads were all received favourably by the relevant parties who affected change.

The father of three embraces the “celebrity” status he’s earned over the years as the voice of reason in our midst. “Writing letters to the editor has brought me glamour and provided the opportunity for me to say what I like, when and how, too. No one tells me what to write and how I should write it … everything comes straight from my heart.”

Using his recognition, Bulbir has contributed to unions seeking his advice, and today, he serves as a Child Court advisor in Kajang.

His endeavours have never been monetary in motivation, but he has earned a little from his writing. “I write more for making myself happy. It is like a hobby, and while I do it, hopefully it will give the government and businesses some ideas on how to make life better for us all in Malaysia,” he shared his philosophy.

His name has become an institution in the pages of The Star, and at the rate he’s headed, it will continue to do so. – The Star (15 Feb 2015)

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