Singapore celebrities Gurmit, Siva makes ’em laugh at SMU colloquium

| Singapore | 23 April 2016 | Asia Samachar |


The multi-talented Singapore actor and comedians Gurmit Singh and Siva Choy came under the spotlight once again, doing what they do best – engaging the audience and tickling them with laughter.

The two celebrities were the panelists at the Lien Fung Colloquium held on 2 April 2016 at the Singapore Management University (SMU).

The celebrities, known more affectionately and popularly as Gurmit and Siva, brought frequent roaring laughter and applause from the 250-strong audience during the two-hour colloquium, according to an event report posted at the university’s website.

The event, moderated by SMU Wee Kim Wee Centre Director Associate Prof Kirpal Singh, reflected to questions like “Is Singapore finally learning to laugh at itself?” and “Are Singaporeans ready to hear the sound of their voices?”

The iconic Phua Chu Kang played by Gurmit is one of Singapore’s most representative and well-known TV sitcom characters permeating local culture. The character donning yellow boots and spouting the local ‘Singlish’ language has become his trademark persona, the noted added.

On Siva, it sid that his most popularised work was Why U So Like Dat?, a comedy album comprising Singlish songs and coffeeshop skits, which he wrote, directed and performed in. The album was Singapore’s first English-language comedy album and 50,000 copies of the CD have been sold to date.

“While their works sometimes defied cultural norms, they captured and embodied the Singaporean culture in irreplaceable ways, and challenge us to think and reflect constantly,” it added.


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