Inder Singh Khosa back as president at Tatt Khalsa

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 20 Nov 2016 | Asia Samachar |
One elected auditor did not sign the accounts for year ending 31 Dec 2015 for Tatt Khalsa Diwan Selangor - PHOTO
One elected auditor did not sign the accounts for year ending 31 Dec 2015 for Tatt Khalsa Diwan Selangor – PHOTO

Inder Singh Khosa won the contest for the presidency of Tatt Khalsa Diwan Selangor, one of the older and larger gurdwaras in the Kuala Lumpur, after a botched earlier annual general meeting.

Inder defeated Dr Jaspall Singh, the out-going internal auditor who declined to sign the accounts prepared for the annual general meeting earlier held on 25 Sept 2016.

Inder’s team more or less swept the key positions in the 98-year old Tatt Khalsa gurdwara’s management committee of 12 people, including two ladies.

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“The mood was cordial and friendly. For the chardi kalaa of the Panth, everything went on well,” Harbans Singh Gill Kaleke, the out-going secretary who has been elected as one of the two vice presidents, tells Asia Samachar.

The other key positions went to Ranmit Singh Gill (vice president), Hardev Kaur Tahlian (secretary), Gurdarshan Singh (treasurer), Bhoovinder Singh Malhi (assistant secretary) and Mahinder Singh Gill (assistant treasurer).

The five elected committee members are Dalvinder Singh, Sarjit Singh Virik, Jaswant Singh Madhe, Jasbir Kaur and Balbir Singh Rode.

Moving forward, Harbans said the in-coming committee will plan for the 100th anniversary of the gurdwara in 2018.

Tatt Khalsa was forced to postpone its earlier AGM when about half-an hour into the meeting, it was brought to the attention of the house that Dr Jaspall did not sign off the accounts.

The other three signatories – Tatt Khalsa Diwan President Inder Singh Khosa, Honorary Treasurer Gurdarshan Singh and the other elected internal auditor Kulwant Singh – had put their signature to the document.

The space for Dr Jaspall, who is himself a former treasurer of the organisation, was blank when copies of the accounts were presented to members in attendance.

When contacted for an earlier reports, Dr Jaspall told Asia Samachar: “I want to run for [the] presidency. We want to bring back things to orde, including the maintainence and the way the building is run. Sanggat is moving away to other gurdwaras. The crowd is only there during bhog and wedding.”


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  1. I am happy to second the above congratulations message of Mr Singh of London.
    BTW Mr Khosa I believe we have crossed paths (in the literal, not combative sense) in the mid 1960s. Go forth in your usual confident impressive manner for the betterment of Tatt Khalsa Gurdwrara (which was my usual gurdwara prior to leaving the country). I also attended Punjabi school there in the 1950s!).
    Swaran Ludher

  2. Congratulations on the re-election of Mr Khosa as the continuing president of the Gurduwara. The sangat has shown their support and the re-election says it all. Mr. Khosa has shown much dedication and has given the Gurudawara the direction it needed. Really happy that we have people like Mr. Khosa who are able to run the Gurudawara objectively. I believe we as a minority race should stand united in this kalyuj era and learn to live an enlightened life.