What transpired at Asean Sikh summit?


| Letter | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 20 July 2017Asia Samachar |

ASEES 2017: Networking at the Asean Sikh summit in Kuala Lumpur – Photo / Asia Samachar

Dear Editor,

Many of us laud the Sikh business community for having successfully organised the Asean Sikh business seminar recently in Kuala Lumpur [1st Asean Sikh Economic & Entrepreneurship Summit or ASEES 2017].

However many of us were unable to attend, for various reasons. Perhaps we could learn, in brief, what transpired in that seminar. Those who did attend, could perhaps enlighten others who couldn’t make it.

There must have been some wonderful messages coming out of this conference to enhance the well being of the Sikh entrepreneur in particular,and the Sikh community as a whole.

I suggest that Asia Samachar take the lead here to disseminate vital information elicited in this conference. It is already doing a good job of informing, anyway. Shabas.

On that same note, we hope there will be a cultural conference as well someday, to bring Sikhs from different countries together in a cultural showcase event.

Let us proudly display our great heritage and unique religious values. I recommend that we be inclusive here,and let all Punjabis be invited to take part.

Thank you.


Davin (Dr).
Seremban, Malaysia

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  1. Still no response to my suggestion. Lack of further developments may result in Waste of time and resouces and expertise of those who sacrificed to bring the event to Malaysia and the experts who came to share their experiences.
    Let this not go to waste and discourage them for organizing follow up or new events.
    Gur Fateh

  2. A very reasonable request
    It has been my exprience that many attend such functions and public/inhouse training seminars but very few can put in words how they benefitted and even fewer who can articulate and share with others the benefits.
    Could the reason be that either they may not know how to ariculate or are selfish.
    Sikhs have many successful professionals but then how many write artcles relating to their expertse and then make them available for others to benefit.
    Msy be in the past there were no avenues but now there is Asia Samachar where they can publish their papers and share expertise.
    Let the scope of AS not be expanded and not just for divisive topics debates or news about achievements of some past and some current success stories and births and weddings and deaths.
    Gur Fateh