Missionary parcharaks have been doing parchar in Malaysia since Sikhs arrived in this country

Commenting on a recent incident at Sungai Petani, AUTAR SINGH says it is unfortunate and sad that some are not prepared to listen to explanations of gurbani and decide for themselves what is right, instead depending on hearsay


Malaysia | 19 Sept 2017 | Asia Samachar |

By Autar Singh

Out of the scheduled and confirmed 16 Gyan Pargaas Semagams (GPS) till Monday 18 September 2017, 15 programmes have been well received by the sanggat, parbandhaks and Granthi Singhs of those Gurduaras where they were held. The programme in the Sungai Petani Gurduara was abandoned as the youth group and some members of the sanggat objected to having the programme there, despite the programme being confirmed by the management committee.

When we arrived at the Sungai Petani Gurduara Sahib for the programme, we were met by the youth group and told that we can have tea, but we were not allowed to hold the programme as they felt that the speakers were going to talk against the truth that they believed in.

I requested that they all listen to the speakers talk, and if they find anything objectionable, then they can go ahead and stop the programme and we will move on. They said they are not going to allow the speaker to speak in their Gurduara at all.

The Sungai Petani gurdwara management committee president told us that the committee has set the programme and it will go on. We then went into the langar hall to have tea while the committee tried to reason with the other group not to block the programme.

The Police, Special Branch and Immigration were called. We were asked to wait while matters were being discussed.

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Finally, after about 90 minutes, I was called into the meeting room. The immigration officer advised me not to go ahead with the programme as there was strong objection to it. We then left for Kulim where the sangat and youth welcomed us.

It is very unfortunate and sad that some of us are not prepared to listen to explanations of gurbani and decide for ourselves what is right, instead depending on hearsay.

I have thanked the youth group for not resorting to violence and manhandling the parcharaks (preachers) as happened elsewhere in Malaysia in March. However, I am disappointed with their objection to the programme even before listening to what the speakers had to share on gurbani. They not only deprived themselves of a good session of gurbani discourse, as enjoyed by the sanggat of 12 Gurduaras before Sungai Petani, but they also deprived many others who had come to enjoy the satsang.

Missionary parcharaks, as opposed to derawadi parcharaks (preachers from deraa), have been doing parchar in Malaysia since Sikhs arrived in this country. They are not a new phenomenon. They have been well received all this while. The vilification and opposition to these parcharaks started from last year. This is now a worldwide phenomenon where speakers who uphold the supremacy of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and the Sikh Reht Maryada (SRM) are being heckled, assaulted, shot at, having their turbans removed and beards pulled off and prevented from speaking and sharing the truth of gurbani.

May we be blessed with wisdom and a discerning mind to sift the grains from the chaff when listening to discourses and try to read and understand gurbani ourselves.

The organisers of the Gyan Pargaas Semagams gratefully acknowledge the support rendered by the sanggat and management committees of all Gurduaras who stood, and are standing, firmly beside us, to promote and host these and future such gurbani discourses, despite the challenges. Thank you very much.

Autar Singh
On behalf of the Organising Team
14-27 September 2017

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  1. A new information has come t light directly from the parcharaks that during their parchar only four or five deviants of Guru Granth who looked like tamils or brahmins created rackus.

    They called the immGratio and police stupidly.They then demanded the parcar talk be recorded,when the police and immgration agreed to alnt with the parcharak,the devints CHICKENED OUT…..shows just how stupid and ignorant they were…..they realised that wld be record and expose their own misguided goondagardi …..and claims.

    Were this not part of the facts….certainly the truth is prevailing …

  2. Harvinderit,Alleges AS has not got its facts right.

    But he does not offer to share the so called facts that he believes are right.

    He then laments that truth will prevail.

    Whose truth?

    It appears he himself is blind to the truth,that he makes very self frustrating remarks with absolutely devoid of a rational reasoning.

    In other words he provides a bucket full of faecal flow.

  3. 1]Tardip claims “The missionary parcharks who were preaching in last century under the grab of SRM of Akaal Takht Sahib are distorting established sikh traditions”were from Shaheed Slkh Missionary College run by SGPC and not belonged to socalled missionary colleges of Ludhiana who under the grab of SRM of Akaal Takht Sahib are distorting established sikh traditions”

    REPLY -Is tradition more supreme than the awakening guidance of Gurbani?
    What is “established Sikh tradition”?By whom?By babas?by deras run by self declared godmen of the Udasi order, or the Nirmalas of the semi hindu Sikh leanings?tardip would have been more than happy, had the “parcharaks” been from the uneducated godmen deras that have mushroomed and plagued the Sikh community, with stories of snatani and mythological traditions directly copied from purans and Hinduism that he seems to be indicating,as established tradition, where blind worship full of karamkands and revolving fire lights like zombies would have been more fun!He does not see the GARB under which these quick money making outfits and babas roaming around, preaching anti Sikh, anti gurmat parchar, have plagued and misled the Sikhs for almost over two centuries.

    let us leave the so called three rachnavas used in the khande bate da pahul side for the moment, as we know they were copied into the ba chitter ntk, in 1895, and later between 1944-1949, when the Sikh rehat maryada was printed, they appeared suddenly included.But because the panth was under great stress and recovering from the tauma of partition, this was overlooked.Then it was agreed to leave the matter alone.

    It is important to note that apart from one entry in the minutes of the rehat discussion, that span over 21 years,there is no mention of ba chitter ntk.

    The one entry says, “baba Sundar singh of jatha Bhindra wanted the whole of bachiter ntk incorporated in the Guru Granth sahib, a matter that was outrightly rejected by the entire membership.Sunder Singh walked out”

    One great awakening force in 1873, was SINGH SABHA.Was this in favour or against the so called “established Sikh tradition?”

    If the Sikh Tradition was ESTABLISHED, as the claim by tardip, then the Singh Sabha would have been the “anti sikh”culprit too, according to the logic offered by tardip.

    I do not think this gentleman knows what exactly he is talking about, himself.Rather than helping clear up doubts, he is effectively trying to dispense doses of misinformation deliberately.

    He claims that the missionary colleges are distorting the established sikh traditions.
    I know three: 1) Sikh Missionary College, 2) Gurmat Gian Missionary College, and 3) Shahid Sikh Missionary College.

    All their syllabus say the following
    •To propagate the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji among the whole humanity and to counter the influence of illiterate, pedantic, hypocrites posing as Gurus.

    are into TAT KHALSA mould , they are perhaps the only one who are not affiliated to any of the so called groups in whole of Sikh institutions ( in whole world

    •To prepare authentic literature on Gurbani interpretation, Sikh history and culture.
    •To encourage youngsters who have gone astray to re-establish their link with Sikhism.
    •To baptize all Sikhs with the Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and to encourage others to adopt Sikhism.
    •To train Nishkam Missionaries for propagating the Sikh Faith without leaving their occupations.
    •To enlighten the Sikh youth about their rich heritage and to safeguard them from drugs & other intoxicants.
    •To adopt the Values preached by Gurbani in Sikh society

    Let us now look his wild accusations based totally on anti Guru groups heresay-

    No body has questioned Ardas apart from when ba chitter ntkis insisted upon ba chitter ntk as “guru bani”, it dawned upon Guru Sikhs to ask who is “bhagouti” simer ke?The reply came that it was “kirpan”.A big white lie.It is one of the many names of Durga Devi, not kirpan.

    Bhai Kahan Singh in his Mahan Kosh,says it is one of many names of the Durga Devi.

    Question arises was Guru Gobind Singh worshipper of Durga Devi?
    Should we then be praying to Bhagouti Devi?More questions arise.

    Ardas was evolved by man.It is open to change further, if the panth needs to.By the way the hole Gurbani of Guru Granth sahib is a plea to God,so why did Sikhs need a ardas from outside ?This is my question to you.

    I hope you have read pages 54, 55, 86,103,234,242,247,354,370,and 397, where it is an ardas to Creator within the Guru Granth sahib.

    tardip says “ethnicity”of SGGS, I wonder what ethnicity he now claiming!

    Again lies, being spread on behest of RSS supporters, the only people who have acted against the parchar of Guru Granth sahib, are the four misguided and misinformed individuals who confronted the parchar of GURU GRANTH SAHIB.Blessed were those who excercised their freedom and right to listen to Guru Granth without interference and disruption and had nothing but praise for the parcharaks.

    tardip must learn to adjust his mind to understand that all Gurbani is within Guru Granth sahib, not outside.
    In the first place, there is no such book named dsm.It is ba chitter Ntk.
    Instigated by dera desperados, publishers like Jiwan Singh has been printing deviously misleading titles, like “sri guru dsm granth sahib,dsme dasha sri guru granth sahib”-interestingly NOT even “dsma granth” as the misguided and ill informed love to say.

    In 1708, when Guru Gobind Singh Ji declared the Pothi sahib, which he had re written at dam dama sahib in 1706, and was originally called “dsme patsha da granth”by ordinary people,theGuru Ji uttered …

    “agiya bhaii akal ki, tabhi chlaiyo panth, sabh Sikhan ko hukm hai ..GURU maniyo GRANTH”

    Please note the words Guru & Granth are ek vachan-singular.
    They are NOT plural.

    There is ONLY ONE Granth, unlike you may like to believe there are four, as claimed by Anorogi.

    It is well known that our literature has been hijacked & written by Nirmala and Udasis.They were part and parcel brahminism and mythology and that was being preached to Sikhs, which brings us bck to the fact why Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha had to write a Book HUM HINDU NAHI, and the SINGH Sabha was born-all to get rid of this mythology you lovingly called “set sikh traditions”.

    Don’t believe me, look into it all.

    Now let us look at Kulwant Singh, who refers to himself as the Mukhi of the Tksaal at Jvadi Kalan.He has NOT attended any school, let alone college!He has been noted to speak against Gurbani and preaching in depth Brahmanism, in my next write, I will be very happy audios of his demented reasoning outside Gurbani.

    As for pinder pal, he is a product of the Sikh missionary College from Ropar, but is he NOT the same person who stood up from doing path; when late Mrs Surinder kaur, wife of CM Parkash Singh entered the Darbar Sahib?There are photos to show as evidence.He also praised her until there was no tomorrow, rather than speak the truth.He acted as her hazooria!

    He is urged by the flow of money to talk against Gurmat issues.So you are happy for an anti Gurbanist, mythologist, that sell bani to the highest bidder to come infect the sangats with venom, as sggsa has done?

    The fact 40 Gurduaras , a majority sought blessings of Guru Granth sahib, and left one who turned away, speaks for the majority, not the few erring ones.

    Well done MGC, and all Guru Granth associated oragnisations for preaching with the right rcharaks and not those brahmi dera educated ones.

  4. Malaysian Sikhs are generally peace loving, simple folks.
    We are happy with the preaching and speaking on our blessed SGGS by our employed granthis.
    Almost all gurdwaras in Malaysia have a resident granthi who most likely is from Punjab and also trained in gianiship.
    Hence, we should just concentrate on that.

  5. The missionary parcharks who were preaching in last century were from Shaheed Slkh Missionary College run by SGPC and not belonged to socalled missionary colleges of Ludhiana who under the grab of SRM of Akaal Takht Sahib are distorting established sikh traditions. These colleges preachers are in fore front to challenge Amrit Sanchar banis of Dasm Patshah,Ardas,etheniticity of SGGS beside many other traditions without any base. You can call Giani Pinderpal Singh ji, Giani Kulwant Singh ji and many others.