Khalsa Aid relief work in Syria a ‘shining example of humanity’

The Khalsa Aid International has appeared to be a ray of hope in the war torn Syria, reports The Logical Indian

Khalsa Aid volunteers providing relief aid to Syrian refugees – Photo / Khalsa Aid

The Khalsa Aid International has appeared to be a ray of hope in the war torn Syria.

Last week Syria saw a series of airstrikes and bombings which killed nearly 500 civilians including 121 children in just a week. Khalsa Aid has extended a helping hand by providing free food, shelter and health services to the people in Syria, reports The Logical Indian.

Khalsa Aid is an international NGO which is known for providing humanitarian aid in regions facing natural or man made disasters.

About 500 human lives were lost in the past week’s bombing in Eastern Ghouta. Reports had suggested that the 48-hour death toll in Syria is highest since 2013.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said the situation in the Eastern Ghouta is like “hell on Earth”.

The NGO, Khalsa Aid, without wasting any time has reached Syria to provide assistance. Khalsa Aid has been providing food, shelter and medical aid, the report said in an article entitled ‘A Shining Example of Humanity: Khalsa Aid Provides Relief Assistance At Syria’.

The NGO also runs Langar Aid which provides emergency food and water supplies in such areas. The efforts of the NGO has met with lot of appreciation from all quarters.

There have been many instances wherein the NGO volunteers have rushed to provide aid, be it in areas of civil conflict or in regions affected by natural disaster. Some of its projects include providing assistance during the Yemen civil war, extending a helping hand to the various natural disaster struck areas including Nepal, UK, Philippines, Mumbai and providing relief during the refugee crisis of Middle east and Myanmar.

Khalsa Aid volunteers attending to Syrian refugees – Photo / Khalsa Aid

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