Baby Ravneet discharged, mum plans to return to India for further treatment

Baby Ravneet and her mother – Photo: Asia Samachar

Baby Ravneet Kaur, the 11 month old baby badly scalded in a hot water accident at her home in Kuala Lumpur, has been discharged from the hospital.

The mother, an Indian citizen who came to Malaysia in search of a job, has decided to take her baby girl back to India for further treatment, after receiving treatment at Hospital Kuala Lumpur since mid-February.

The baby is not in the clear zone as of yet. A check earlier this month showed that her left hand was hardly moving and might need a plastic surgery.

“But she will not go back immediately as the weather back home is hot,” a donation collection team member told Asia Samachar.

Ravneet’s plight was shared by Asia Samachar on 16 February in a donation drive led by the Sikh Welfare Society Malaysia (SWSM) and Santana Riderz Mc. Within 48 hours, the Sanggat had contributed close to RM127,000.

Todate, some RM48,000 has been paid for the hospital bills. The remainder funds will be used for Ravneet’s follow up treatments in Malaysia and/or India.

She has undergone a number of surgeries, with the latest being another round of skin grafting last month.



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    Jurong Sikhs: Thats very good job done by SWSM & SANTANA RIDERZ. Not to overlook that. If we cant do much, at least give the due respect to those who tried to help without any comments on what will happen to the money in india and what not. May the baby gets well soon.

    Preity Grewal: so it is ok not to monitor if the lady does the treatment very good thinking Singaporeans!

    Jurong Sikhs: Preity Grewal Oh well you felt it? Well firstly, lets all appreciate the good job done by the welfare group as well as santana. If you want to make sure that this money is being utilised for a good reason, its very good. But than just a suggestion, let…See more

    Preity Grewal: Jurong Sikhs Well I’m also sharing my views n opinion! Thanks for your lecture but it’s not needed

    Jurong Sikhs: Preity Grewal hei morning, no worries..i dont get upset over trivial matters. Good day. SSA

    Harcharan Singh: Rishidave Pannu

    Rishidave Pannu: Harcharan Singh hei morning, how are you?

    Harcharan Singh: Ssa Rishidave Pannu good day

    Akvin Singh Kang: She need cleansing …..any suggestion what chemicals can be used to overhaul her narrow minded brain??????

    Rishidave Pannu: Lol this girl comes and comments and then says she doesn’t need a lecture. You need school and maybe need to learn to mind your own business. You most likely did not donate a ringgit but you have the cheek to come and be the judge and jury on people. Go do something rather than just giving your negative views on everyone. Bloody keyboard warrior.

    Akvin Singh Kang: Rishidave Pannu veerji SSA, Thank you for your very blunt statement ….but i like it veerji SSA….

    Rishidave Pannu: Akvin Singh Kang thank you veerji. SSA

    Rishidave Pannu: I love it when people rather come and say negative crap when people do something positive, you don’t trust India ladies meaning you don’t trust everyone’s grandma in Malaysia as they all came from India. Don’t forget your roots now that you have a bett…See more

    Akvin Singh Kang: SSA Veerji…i feel like meeting you…tuadeh dharsen karneh va

    Rishidave Pannu: Akvin Singh Kang aaja ipoooh nu.. karla darshen

    Preity Grewal: That’s so good to hear on baby’s improvement but sorry I just don’t trust this india ladies now that further treatment money will be given I hope she continues the treatment and not abandon the child and enjoy with the money so if the representative th…See more

    Charanjit Kaurr: God bless the little soul.. and keep her away from all the sufferings ??

    Perthipal Pete Johl: Waheguru will help you to recover

    Vinny Kaur: Waheguru Ji’s blessings . So nice to see her well . ????

    Darshan S. Dhillon: May WAHEGURU shower her with loads of blessings.

    Sue Kaur: Please take good care of her.

    Amar Singh Kang: Waheguru ji bless all ji. Very good news

    Ravin Kaur Bal: waheguru ji bless the little angle

    Sidhu Jeb: May wahaguruji always bless this little angle

    Minder Kc: Waheguruji bless this beautiful innocent angle

    Kiran Sangha: Thank you waheguru ji

    Kashmiran: Kaur Waheguru ji

    Salindar Kaur: Waheguru Ji bless her

    Rednev Les: Wishing her a very speedy recovery..May God Bless her

    Sera Kaur: Good to know she is doing fine..??

    Jasbir Kaur Gill Satnam waheguruji

    Ninder Kaur So cite

    Reetaah Sandhu: Waheguruji bahut bahut sukhar hai

    Gurdip Kaur: Waheguruji tera shukar hai.

    Karamjit Kartar Singh: Waheguru ji

    Jas Gill: Waheguru

    Punjaban Jatti: Waheguru ji

    Mahinder Kaur: Waheguru tera shukar