Bentong gets Jalan Gurdwara

That's the new for the road leading to the only gurdwara in the Pahang city which was earlier called Jalan Kuil

L-R: Harbhajan Singh (vice president), Jagjit Singh (assistant treasurer), Jasvir Singh, Hari Singh (committee member), Kamaljeet Kaur, Swaran Kaur and Kelvinderjeet Kaur posing beside the new road sign – Photo: Supplied

There is an air of excitement in Bentong, a town about 60km from Kuala Lumpur, with a newly erected ‘Jalan Gurdwara’ road sign.

That’s the new for the road leading to the only gurdwara in the Pahang city which was earlier called Jalan Kuil.

Kuil, in Malay, refers to temple. There is no other place of worship on the road except for the gurdwara. Jalan means  road in Malay.

“They must have mistaken the gurdwara for a kuil,” one resident told Asia Samachar.

The renaming was approved recently by the Bentong Municipal Council.

Last month, the council had appointed Jasvir Singh, who is also the Bentong gurdwara management committee president, as a council member.



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  1. Kamus Dewan (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka) defines kuil as ‘rumah tempat orang Hindu dsb memuja berhala atau memuja dewa-dewa.’ [Our translation: A place where Hindus and others worship goddesses or deities]. Sikhs do not worship goddesses or deities, but the one God. Hence, Sikhs prefer not to label their place of worship as a ‘kuil’, which had been a practice for many years in the past. The Sikh place of worship is called a gurdwara. A gurdwara houses the the Sikh scripture called Guru Granth Sahib (GGS). The GGS is the central focal point in a gurdwara. When entering the prayer hall called Darbar Sahib, Sikhs bow before the GGS as a mark of respect, similar to what they used to do when the Sikh Gurus were present in their physical form. There should be no statues of any kind in a gurdwara.

    BERHALA: Definisi : 1 patung-patung dewa yg dipuja oleh beberapa golongan bukan Islam. 2 = rumah ~ rumah khas tempat memuja patung-patung dewa dll. (Kamus Pelajar Edisi Kedua)