Singapore president to launch maiden Sikh Heritage Day

President Halimah Yacob will launch on 8 June 2019 the local Sikh community’s first public event that aims to promote greater understanding about Sikhs, their heritage and traditions as well as their contributions to Singapore.


An estimated 5,000 Singaporeans of different races and faiths will be attending the Sikh Heritage Day, a two-day exhibition starting 8 June 2019 at Our Tampines Hub.

President Halimah Yacob, the guest-of-honour of the event, will launch and tour the exhibition on 8 June.

Visitors to the exhibition can participate in and witness diverse activities ranging from turban tying and the sampling of traditional Sikh food in the free kitchen (langar) to learning about the Sikh identity and its traditional music. Visitors will also discover Sikhs who have distinguished themselves in their professional fields, and in the process made important contributions to Singapore.

The Sikh Heritage Day is being held in conjunction with the community’s year-long celebration of the 550th birthday of Sikhism’s founder, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The two-day exhibition is the main public outreach event and the first large-scale effort targeted solely at helping Singaporeans learn more about the 12,000-strong local Sikh community and its heritage.

“When we were planning this event, we knew it had to capture the complex ways in which our faith strengthens our sense of responsibility to Singapore and to humanity. We thought it was important to show that we are proud of our plural identities as Sikhs and Singaporeans, and increasingly, global citizens, who add to the prosperity and vibrancy of many different societies,” said Mr Malminderjit Singh, the project lead for the Sikh Heritage Day.

Mr Suhaimi Rafdi, Senior Director of Our Tampines Hub, said, “Our Tampines Hub is honoured to host the Sikh community’s Heritage Day. From inception, OTH is deeply rooted on the principles of bridging, bonding and building communities with the aim of enhancing understanding and appreciation across different segments of society. In many ways, what we embrace at OTH is closely aligned with what the Sikh community is trying to achieve through the Sikh Heritage Day.

Hence, the Sikh community in Singapore will feel warmly welcome at OTH as they gather to build the community regardless of castes, gender or religious backgrounds.”

During the event, President Halimah Yacob will meet with members and leaders of the Sikh community, tour the exhibition area, and offer photo opportunities at each of these junctures.



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