How well do you know your father?

Most of the time children only get surprises when they enter the room after their fathers are no more around. DR BALWANT SINGH BAINS tells us 10 things you can do for your father today

By Dr. B.S. Bains OPINION |

Your father nurtures and plays a vital role all the way in a child’s development. He goes through all the thicks and thins of their life. He goes about fulfilling every wish and dreams of a child. He sacrifices his comfort to provide every comfort. For a father, his children are his priority. Deep down in his heart there will always be a place, a soft corner. The last he would wish to see is tears in their eyes.

Fathers can be hard, but at the corners of their rocky heart lies the sandy borders. It is there he would break down when it comes to his children.

The know-all stage begins in a child and they begin to slowly segregate from their father. This point can be heartbreaking.

Most of us, if asked about the close liking of our father, they may fail badly as the likings of the father might have changed with age and time. His daily routine, what he must really be doing in his room. Where does he keep his things, pillow, blankets, dressing area, bathing habits, perfumes, clothing, under clothes, socks and shoes. These areas are left unattended and children could be totally unaware.

He might have become slow in his life, forgetful, repeat issues again and again and he might not be able to even groom himself. Most of the time we become intolerant to our fathers.

How much do we know this man who could not tolerate a prick on our skin and feelings… How much do we know him today? Let’s ponder, did we? When he was even alive to those who have lost them?

Let’s know your father better while he is with us…

1. Make frequent visits to where he works.
2. Buy him lunch or dinner at his work.
3. Get him a shirt or somethings for his use once every 4 months.
4. Sit with him and keep your mobile phones away and speak to him. Exchange ideas.
5. Stay in his room when he is away out of station. Carefully observe every corner of his room, where he keeps his perfumes dressing area, his bed and his favourite things.
6. Arrange his cloths for him.
7. Clean his room and change his bedding sheets for his fresh sleep.
8. Bring ambiance to his room.
9. If you are earning, even if he is rich, surprise him with some money in an envelop. It can be any amount. Make him feel that you care.
10. Polish his shoes for him.

Most of the time we children only get surprises when we get to his room after they are no more with us. Your father just needs your care and indulgence. Know him better.

Dr Balwant Singh Bains is a Malaysia-based kirtan enthusiast and a practicing physiotherapist with a chain of physiotherapy clinics.



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