Malaysian-born Sukhbir takes up Australian citizenship

| Gympie, Australia | 27 Jan 2017 | Asia Samachar |
Sukhbir Singh Dhillon and his son Sam after the Australia day awards and citizenship ceremony in Gympie, – PHOTO / THE GYMPIE TIMES

“As the ceremony finished, we felt this incredible sense of belonging…To finally be Australians, it’s awesome.”

These were the words of Sukhbir Singh Dhillon, a Malaysian born who was one of 11 new citizens who took part in the Australia day awards and citizenship ceremony in Gympie, a regional town in Queensland.

Since arriving in Australia from Malaysia to work, Sukhbir has raised his family in Gympie. Having recently moved to Victoria, they made the trip back as a mark of respect for the town that welcomed and embraced them.

“We’re doing well, my daughters Neha and Rhea are at Monash University now, studying biomedical science and engineering. They got in because of their education at St Patrick’s,” he was qouted bthe local newspaper The Gympie Times.

Located about 160km north of Brisbane, Gympie is famous for its gold field and has a population of about 20,000.

“It feels really good, I’m really excited to be an Australian,” said his 12-year old son Sam. “I love going to school and the friends that I’ve made there.”


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