Young Lions, Selayang Sardars rule Akaal Premier League 2017

APL, the Malaysian-made futsal league for Sikh boys and girls, is now underway. Watch this space.

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 28 July 2017 | Asia Samachar |
EXCITEMENT: Rearing for action at Akaal Premier League 2017 – PHOTO / SUPPLIED

By Jagdesh Singh

Last Sunday, 23 July 2017, bore witness to some thumping non-stop action from Matchday 2 of the Akaal Premier League (APL) 2017, a Malaysian-made futsal league held in Kuala Lumpur for Sikh boys and girls.

The under-13 Beruntung Hill Twin Lions kicked off the early morning festivities thrashing  Titiwangsa Panthers 5-1. The Lions emerged second in the league, staking an early claim to the championship.

The under-13 Iron River Kings also had their convincing victory over the Kampung Pandan Lions, with a healthy score line of 3-0.

High on their laurels with the big victory earlier on, the under-13 Twin Lions just couldn’t capitalize on their momentum and drew 0-0 with the Pulapol Eagles.

The under-13 Rawang Akaal Warriors then beat the Kampung Pandan Lions 2-0, sobering the Lions after their earlier victory as well.

This was followed by under-13 Titiwangsa Panthers to salvage some pride after their huge loss earlier on to get their first 3 points for the day with a nice 2-0 win over the Selayang Sardars.

With what seemed like an upset for the day, the under-13 Eagles got their 3 points over the Akaal Warriors with a 3-1 win.

And lastly, the final game for the under 13s for the day saw a hard battled 1-1 draw between both the Iron River Kings and the Selayang Sardars.

The final table for the under-13 teams saw the Twin Lions sitting on top with 8 points, the same number of points shared with the River Kings, with the Twin Lions edging over the River Kings over a 2 goal difference.

Number 10 for the Twin Lions, Pritvir Singh, is now top scorer with 7 goals, 4 more goals then the next top goal scorer, Manraaj Singh of the River Kings.

The action was even more ferocious with the under-16, starting off with a very comfortable 3-0 win for the Selayang Sardars over the Kampung Pandan Lions.

Traveling from a far, the Seremban Lions just couldn’t overcome the Iron River Kings, losing 2-3.

Next saw a hard fought battle between old rivals Pulapol Eagles and the Rawang Akaal Warriors, with the Eagles beating the Warriors with a slim margin of 3-2.

Both the Klang Rangers and the Bukit Beruntung Twin Lions had to share the spoils and be contented with 1 point each, drawing 2-2.

After their comfortable victory earlier on, the Selayang Sardars had to slog for a 1-0 win over the Kampung Pandan Lions.

And then we saw goals galore. The Iron Kings demolished the Seremban Lions with almost a double figure, winning 9-1!

LAST MAN: Rearing for action at Akaal Premier League 2017 – PHOTO / SUPPLIED

The goals didn’t stop there. There were 8 scored in the next game between the Pulapol Eagles and the Rawang Akaal Warriors. But, there was no victor from a thrilling draw.

And in the last game for the under-16s, the Klang Rangers made their statement of intent, unraveling the Beruntung Hill Twin Lions with a 7-2 win.

This all put the Selayang Sardars with their 2 wins for the day on top of the league with 12 points. The Pulapol Eagles aren’t very far away with 10 points.

Harjeevan Singh, the Number 10 for the Klang Rangers has netted 8 goals so far, together with Rajvinderjit Singh of the Iron River Kings with also 8 goals. Both at the top scorers for the under-16.

Overall, it was an action packed day and the race is certainly on.

The tournament is organised by the Akaal Sports Academy (ASA), a sports non-government organisation headquartered at the Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Kampung Pandan in Kuala Lumpur. Asia Samachar is the tourney’s media partner.

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Akaal Premier League featured in Malaysian newspaper (Asia Samachar, 24 Nov 2016)