Bayan Baru seminar on Sikh way of life, critical thinking workshops on Sept 10 (Sunday)

Bayan Baru seminar on Leadership of Sri Guru Granth Sahib will present Seminar on Sikh Way of Life & Critical Thinking Workshops on Sept 10 (Sunday)


Public Service Announcement | Malaysia | 6 Sept 2017 Asia Samachar |

Bayan Baru seminar on Leadership of Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Date: 10 Sept 2017 (Sunday)

Time: 9am – 5 pm

Place: Gurdwara Sahib Bayan Baru, Penang

Organiser: Sant Sohan Ji Melaka Memorial Society Malaysia (SSSJMMSM)

Sponsor: SEDIC, Prime Minister’s Department, Malaysia


Three parallel sessions:

  1. Seminar on Sikh Way of Life
  2. Critical Thinking Workshop (11-14 years)
  3. Critical Thinking Workshop (15-18 years)

Facilitators: Dr Karminder Singh, Sdr Daaljit Singh, Dr Charanjit Kaur & SVF Training Team

Programme details:

8.30 Registration, breakfast
9.00 Ardas, welcome
9.30 Dr Karminder Singh (Lecture, Q&A)
11.30 Break
11.45 Dr Charanjit Kaur (Lecture, Q&A)
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Daaljit Singh (Lecture, Q&A)
3.15 Gurmat Studies programme promotion
3.30 Tea break
4.00 Q&A panel session with all 3 speakers
5.00 Closing

Contact: Malkith Singh 017-8832150


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  1. Excellent step in the right direction by the GMC,and parcharaks,in this age,when massive distortion is being spread by neffarious anti Sikhi groups,in pay of RSS,to defamer Gurus and split Sikhs.

    There is no doubt,there is only one leader of the Sikhs-GURU Granth Sahib -thus GMC of every Gurduara should take responsiblity to ensure that only teachings based upon only Guru Granth Sahib are taught

    Not teaching any which deviancy by foreign supported group, under the false pretext of allegedly ‘guru’ writing.

    Congragulations GMC of BB Gurduara for this positive step.

    Pity,I will not be able to attend.

    Ps -i hope the practice of providing “langger”,from outside non Sikh sources as seen recently at a gurduara in Penang,and as had been seen recently,wld be looked at too.