From a god-man to a jail-man


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By Hans

From a god-man to a jail-man. Its an apt description to describe Ram Rahim who even had the audacity to allow the masses to call him god.

I’ve come across a few of these in Malaysian space too.

Recently I was told of an incident where the son of a self-proclaimed baba, on alighting from his car had one of his followers bring forth a basin of water to wash his feet and then this follower drinks that same water.

Leaving hygiene aside, it made me wonder what is seriously wrong with this follower. Of course this incident was witnessed by others and became news! I mean are humans so gullible?

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    Savinder Manjit Randhawa: In this case I 100% conclude that the person drinking the water is a complete clown f the highest order.Let him drink and die of bacteria accumalation in his bloody stomach. | Parkash Kaur: That person should’ve gone to

    Pirthipal Singh: Too many of these rascals around . People blindly support him . We have one in Adelaide too

    Mendor Kaur: Whom r they fooling? Themselves!

    Mahinder Singh: Stupidty

    Raj Purba: Pakandi Baba