Narajan Singh(1938-2018), Batu Caves

SASKAAR: 2pm, 25 March 2018 (Sunday) at Gui Yuan Crematorium, Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya | Malaysia
Narajan Singh(1938-2018), Batu Caves


Born: 17 December 1938

Deceased: 24 March 2018

Saskaar / Cremation: 2pm, 25 March 2018 (Sunday) at Gui Yuan Crematorium, Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya

Cortege Timing: Cortege leaves from No 9, Berjaya Satu, Taman Berjaya, Batu Caves, 68100, Selangor, at 12:30pm, 25 March 2018 (Sunday)

Sehaj Path Da Bhog: 1 April 2018 (Sunday), 9.30am-12pm, at Gurdwara Sahib Sentul

Contact: House 03-6189 2093, Daughter 012-694 3241


| Entry: 25 March 2018 | Source: Family

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  1. My belated condolences to the family.
    [Below info may also apply to some extent for those who are not in Malaysia]

    This is forwarded for information of family members [and others as all will be affected sooner or later and thus should be aware and be prepared to avoid money/asset problems and hardships]. It is a common perception that most do not prepare for their after departure situations and also keep financial matters/information confidential even from their closest family members including parents/siblings/spouses/children/etc.

    Many deceased may have monies in EPF, Cooperatives, etc and benefits available from SOCSO for some and if the person was a member of any association he/she may also be eligible for some benefits besides having credit balances.

    Relatives of Government pensioners are also entitled to RM3K grant from the Pensions Department and this does not need any receipts of expenditure.

    Further I recently came to understand that next of kin [spouse-child-parents] of the departed who were EPF contributors, EPF gives RM2,500.00 which is credited to the account of the deceased member [subject to being below 55 years of age]. The total balance can then be withdrawn by the Registered Nominee or other entitled beneficiary. Eligible only if he was working at any time and has an EPF Account.

    Humbly suggest that family members go through the old documents to confirm as not many tell their parents, spouses, siblings or children of what they have or where they have and this also applies to other family members including spouses and children and siblings.

    Finally Selangor residents are also eligible for financial benefits subject to conditions. Please refer to SELANGOR WEBSITE >PEDULI]

    [Above comments/views/advise are based on personal experiences and other relevant information]

    The STAR newspaper recently published on 5.7.17 a comprehensive report on hundreds of millions or RM with Insurance Companies being unclaimed monies owing to policy holders who may have gone to their final destination and the families/beneficiaries not being aware or there was no nomination.
    Similarly the Registrar of Unclaimed Monies is also holding billions of RM of unclaimed monies and the case may be same with Financial Institutions-banks-shares CDS accounts-Courts-Lawyers-Government Departments/Agencies-etc] Family members should scrutinize old documents and they may be able to find some of such monies which have become claimable and then they should take appropriate action as advised in the article.’

  2. I too had an opportunity to had a brief chat with him while giving him lift from GS Titiwangsa to HKL.

    May waheguru ji bless his soul.

    Achhinda Singh Rakhra

  3. Dear family pls do accept our deepest n heartfelt condolences on the untimely demise of yr beloved dad n our ardent prayer’s for his soul to rest in peace with God Almighty. He was our Superb Officer at Sogo and always gave his all n best. A very committed n dedicated staff n v never forget each time Tun Mahathir comes to Sogo Dad will always escort him to the Japanese Restaurant. Dad too great pride in his job n his pro was also Super. The last I met him was a few years back over a lunch of cappati. Really sad to hear abt his death n only got to see this message sent by another good bro Mr.Achinder Singh of CIMB who has actively done a lot of social work for the temple.
    May his soul rest in peace with God Almighty.
    Mr.& Mrs.GS Chelvam n family
    Ex Excutive Director
    Kawalan Sri Setia Sdn Bhd