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I urge all right thinking members of SNSM to attend the coming AGM of SNSM on 8 July 2018 to give a resounding vote of confidence to the present leadership and to reject any and all attempts to undermine the core vision and principles of this esteemed organisation - CONCERNED SNSM MEMBER

The letter to members announcing SNSM’s 50th AGM to be held on 14 Aug 2016. On the agenda is, at Point 50.8, ‘Election of Jathedar for 2016/2018’ – PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR
By Concerned SNSM Member | LETTER

The Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia (SNSM) is an established and premiere body for Sikh youth in Malaysia.

Set up more than 60 years ago under the guidance and blessings of Sant Sohan Singh Ji Melaka, this body has continued to evolve and grow over the years. Sant Ji saw the need for a focus group to take care of and attend to the physical and spiritual well-being of Sikh youth. Perhaps even in those early days, Sant Ji saw signs of the youth struggling to cope with mainstream Sikhi parchaar and other activities which took place in our Gurdwaras.

What is important is that although the organisation is meant as a focus group to meet the needs of Sikh youth in this country, the leadership of the organisation has from the beginning, been bestowed in the steady hands of well-respected, experienced, knowledgeable and responsible elders from within the community. To quote a former Jathedar of SNSM, “as long as you are able to serve the community, you are a Naujawan and qualified to lead and serve the organisation”.

Another core practice of SNSM has been that the process of choosing the Jathedar has never gone down to elections, something that Sant Ji would be proud of. In fact, in the past, it was difficult to get someone to take up the post of Jathedar as most earnest and well-meaning sewadars of SNSM put the organisation’s wellbeing ahead of personal glory and position. Most had to be coerced to take up the responsibility. Jathedars have in the past been given the responsibility of completing the maximum term allowable for the office in order for them to implement their vision and objectives. Regrettably, this was not followed some years ago, and set an unfortunate precedent.

It is my view that this practice of choosing senior and experienced sewadars to lead SNSM all these years, has led to the unique respect that SNSM enjoys in the hearts of all Sikhs in Malaysia.

Of late, we are hearing calls for SNSM to be led by younger sewadars. This call is obviously coming from sections of the community who are unhappy with the principled positions taken by the present leadership of SNSM on various issues, particularly the Sikh Rehat Maryada (SRM) and the prohibition therein of placing any other granth on par with Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the presence of the Sanggat. These are individuals who have their allegiances to Deras and Taksals bent on displacing the unifying force of the SRM and core principles of Gurmat.

The SNSM Jathedar listing on a plaque found at its national headquarters in Kuala Lumpur – PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR

Since these individuals have lost credibility and have been ousted from actively promoting their agendas from within SNSM and most Gurdwaras affiliated to the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC), they are now pushing unsuspecting and gullible youth to come forward and challenge the present leadership of SNSM for the post of Jathedar. They fail to see the disservice that they will be doing to the origination and the vision of its founding members, including Sant Ji. There will be scarce credibility left in the organization if it falls into the hands of the puppet masters of young, gullible and inexperienced leaders. The vision of Khalsa Land in Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB), Selangor, will be in tatters as most right thinking members of the community are likely to be cautious about placing any faith in a leadership designed to promote personal anti-panthic agendas.

I urge all right thinking members of SNSM to attend the coming AGM of SNSM on 8 July 2018 to give a resounding vote of confidence to the present leadership and to reject any and all attempts to undermine the core vision and principles of this esteemed organisation. Your silence or absence may cause irreparable harm to SNSM. Be there and let yourself be heard.


Love All-Serve All,

A concerned member of SNSM





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  1. What a piece of trash by either XXXXX or XXXX [NAMES REMOVED] in the guise of a “concerned member.”
    What principled reasons have the Sabha taken ? Going against gurmat and supporting darshan rogi? Changing a cherished tradition in the Panth of Khande ki pahul? Changing ardas to hide their irrational anti-hindu prejudices?

  2. Asia Samachar is the utusan Malaysia to spread hatred for the Sikhs Like MGC it is a spokesman for anti Sikh and anti Gurmat who are all out to eliminate Guru Gobind Singhjis Bani and bring about disunity among Sikhs. Now Asia Samachar is worried about losing Snsm whose sick leadership under Jasbir like Asia Samachar have defied Akal Takht Maryada and has become subservient to MGC.

  3. Concerned sewadar should identify and name himself and not be anonymous. This is important.